Free Share and Trade of Unofficial Live Recordings v. Bootlegs

August 6, 2007

We’ve had our first visit from a representative of a music industry entity, in the comment section of the Squeeze recording. Read here.

This is a post that I emailed to Bjork’s management, and posted in the 4Um earlier this year. I feel it pretty much summarizes the current position with regard to the free share and trading of unofficial live recordings:

Over the last several years, it has become apparent that the transfer
of music through the internet will eventually become the primary means
by which performers will promote and ultimately distribute their media.

One of the interesting by-products of this move to internet distribution
has been the free share of fan-produced live recordings through networks
such as bit torrent (,
direct connect, and ftp/http downloads. The ultimate realization of this
phenomenom is the huge archive of live material shared, with artists’ consent,

Among the fans of Bjork, the internet distribution of her live material has
been a reality since the early days of low bandwidth distribution. Such
fan sites such as etoile polaire, the dwave ftp, and the Bjork trading
group set the stage for the current high bandwidth distribution of lossless
audio and DVD’s of fan produced recordings at the Bjork Hub.

As Bjork now embarks on her first tour in nearly four years, many
realities have changed in the world of live music, fan recordings and
internet distribution. The rapid free share of unofficial live recordings
has essentially eliminated the market for illegal bootleg selling, and has
created an atmosphere where the artist and the recordist can work
cooperatively to archive the material, promote the artist’s official product,
and satisfy the demands of a fan base who seek a particular artist’s
output beyond that available in the official catalog.

Within the last two years, the policy in the 4Um has permitted
the free share
of fan-produced unofficial recordings. In this atmosphere,
the Bjork Hub has thrived in its goal to archive all available unofficial
recordings, catalog the archive, and share those recordings among the
dedicated fan base in a cooperative and friendly environment.

It is in this context, that the Bjork Hub sincerely requests that
unobstrusive, discreet fan recording be permitted during the anticipated
2007 Bjork Spring Tour. With artist permission, fan recordings are
generally of a much higher quality, since the recordist does not secrete
the equipment in fear of security, and the surrounding fans are often
cooperative in their behavior. Additionally, any attempts to bootleg any
recording from the tour (as occurred with multiple recordings of the 2001
and 2003 tours) will be completely frustrated by the free share and easy
distribution among the fans.

We hope that this sincere request will be considered and approved.

And a summary of the nyctaper site:

“My site exists as a experiment in a new paradigm of promoting artists, and encouraging fans to support them. I do this at a substantial cost to my own pocketbook because I believe in live music, I can afford it, I get to attend many excellent concerts, and believe that ultimately sites like this will help artists adapt to the use of technology to spread their music and further their careers.

Its discouraging, but ultimately not surprising, that a representative the music industry would take such a negative approach to my site. However, I continue to be motivated by the incredibly positive reviews of fans, and most importantly the cooperation, encouragement and participation of the artists themselves many of whom take an active role in the distribution of their music through my site.”

Squeeze – August 2, 2007 Nokia Theatre – Lossless Download

August 3, 2007

Well, maybe 1988 is over, but 1981? Squeeze on Pier 84 in the Summer of 1981 is one of my favorite old concert experiences. The current reunion tour is essentially to promote the re-release of the back catalog and the new compilation Essential Squeeze. Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook have written some of the most engaging and enjoyable pop songs in the last three decades, and the songs still hold up particularly well as the best of them were performed tonight.

I recorded this concert from the middle of the floor, using my clip-on microphones. This recording was not captured with pro-quality equipment, and it generally does not measure up to the sonic standards of other recordings on this site. However, it is certainly an enjoyable listen of a terrific concert.

The photograph above is courtesy of the excellent Squeeze fan site Packet of Three.

This recording is no longer available at nyctaper. I’m sure you can find it somewhere on the web if you look hard enough.

Nokia Theatre
New York, NY USA

Digital Master Audience Recording
Recorded from Front of Board
Center of the Floor
approximately 30 feet from PA

Core Sound Cardiods > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > flac

Premiere Download offered at nyctaper

[Total Time 1:39:29]
01 Take Me I’m Yours
02 Slightly Drunk
03 Piccadilly
04 Hourglass
05 Up the Junction
06 I Think I’m Go Go
07 Third Rail
08 Electric Trains
09 Some Fantastic Place
10 Annie Get Your Gun
11 Melody Motel
12 Messed Around
13 Walk Away
14 Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken
15 Another Nail in My Heart
16 Goodbye Girl
17 If I Didn’t Love You
18 Pulling Mussels From The Shell
19 Slap and Tickle
20 Cool for Cats
21 [encore break]
22 Tempted
23 Is That Love?
24 Black Coffee in Bed

As with all artists featured on this site, if you download this recording, please support Squeeze and purchase the new compilation:

White Stripes July 24, 2007 NYC – lossless download

July 25, 2007

Well, its two weeks later, and instead of seeing White Stripes with 1200 people on a remote island in Canada, its back to the big city, the world’s most famous arena, and 20,000 fans. Again, Jack and Meg were consistently excellent. The performance lasted 30 minutes longer than the July 11 concert, and the band did not seem to be fazed at all by the size of the venue or the raucous crowd.

The NYC recording differs from the Canada recording, but the quality is equally excellent. I was in my favorite recording section of the Garden, Section 7, which placed me in front of the soundboard and in the center. This recording has more stereo presence, but also more of the crowd. It is perhaps a better overall representation of the experience of this outstanding concert.

This recording is no longer available due to Mr. White’s new strict anti-taping and anti-sharing policy.

White Stripes
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY USA

Digital Master Recording
Recorded from Front of Board Center
Section 7, Row J, Seat 10

DPA 4021’s > Marantz PMD-660 (Oade BCM) > flac

Premiere Download offered at

[Total Time 1:52:22]
01 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
02 When I Hear My Name
03 Jolene
04 Hotel Yorba
05 Cannon
06 Icky Thump
07 Do
08 Death Letter
09 In The Cold, Cold Night
10 A Martyr for My Love for You
11 I’m Slowly Turning Into You
12 I Think I Smell A Rat
13 Wasting My Time
14 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues
15 You Don’t Know What Love Is
16 Fell in Love With a Girl
17 Ball and Biscuit
18 [encore break]
19 Blue Orchid
20 I Just Don’t Know What To Do with Myself
21 Little Ghost
22 We’re Going to Be Friends
23 Little Bird
24 Catch Hell Blues
25 My Doorbell
26 Seven Nation Army
27 Boll Weevil

Support the White Stripes and purchase their official releases.

Zeena Parkins at Tonic February 1, 2006 – Lossless Download

July 22, 2007

Avante-harpist Zeena Parkins played a central role in the Matmos concert discussed below. She performed a full array of harp sounds, from the beautiful melodic acoustic harp to the powerful and violent cacophony of her electric harp.

The concert offered for download below was a trio of Zeena, keyboardist Jamie Saft, and drummer Bobby Previte. They performed at the now-defunct jazz club Tonic, and provided an hour of compelling experimental jazz.

Download complete performance in FLAC [HERE].

More about FLAC

Zeena Parkins
with Jamie Saft (keyboard), Bobby Previte (drums)
New York, NY

Master Audience Recording
10 feet from stage and PA

Recorded by nyctaper

Core Sound Cardiods > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > flac

01 Untitled Improvisational Piece [1:01:27]

PLEASE SUPPORT Zeena Parkins and purchase her CDs:

Matmos at Lincoln Center July 21, 2007

July 22, 2007

Unique electronic duo Matmos, joined by So Percussion, trumpeter Dave Douglas and harpist Zeena Parkins, presented an extraordinary amalgam of sound on Saturday night. The “orchestra of sound” produced rhythmic music with standard instruments such as piano, drums, harp and timpani, but also created whole songs from such everyday objects like aluminum cans, metal sheets, foil, shells, pottery, water, and pieces of clay. The highlight of the evening was the excerpt from the electronic version of Verdi’s Aida, commissioned by the City of Verona Italy.

As the floor-to-ceiling curtain was raised at the opening of the Aida piece, the Allen Room at Lincoln Center’s Rose Hall window revealed a breathtaking panorama of the Columbus Circle/Central Park/59th Street area. The convergence of the electronic music with the stunning cityscape was one of those perfect moments of live music when the setting perfectly compliments the performance.

When I ordered the tickets online, I assumed that “Row A” would place me in the first row. I did not imagine that the first row would be a mere 5 feet from MC Schmidt. The experience of being within arm’s reach of the performer was truly a fortunate stroke of luck. However, such a position made the logisitics of recording this concert, despite express permission from Matmos, practically impossible. Instead of opening my equipment bag, I placed it under my seat and thoroughly enjoyed this tremendous experience.

In appreciation of readers who expected a recording of this concert, I have reached into my recent archives and have posted above a Zeena Parkins concert I recorded in 2006.

Please support Matmos and purchase their CDs

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