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Luna: October 2, 2015 Terminal West Atlanta

October 20, 2015

Luna_Kuba Atlanta
[photo by Kubacheck]

After a couple of successful mini-tours overseas (plus one Summer NYC show), it was time for Luna to tour the East coast in their highly successful reunion. The first show of this tour became one of the most memorable because the band chose this night to perform the complete album Penthouse start to finish. This release came at the pinnacle of Luna’s 1990s success, and it is perhaps their most consistently excellent album. Its certainly one of my personal favorites. Penthouse material has been prominent throughout the 2015 shows, so the performance of the complete record only added three songs that had not previously been played, and a couple that only made sparse setlist appearances. But it was all very tight, well played, and the band’s between-song banter continues to draw smiles. After the completion of Penthouse, Luna came out for a mini-set and an encore that stretched this concert longer than any previous in 2015.

Luna’s current tour continues with seven more shows out West (dates here), including another performance of the Penthouse album at the Teragram Ballroom in LA presented by our friends over at Aquarium Drunkard.

Kubacheck recorded this set from the front and center balcony of this venue — an excellent location sound-wise for capturing the show. Unfortunately, the crowd is boisterous and a bit chatty, but overall its an excellent recording. Enjoy!

Download the Complete Show [MP3] / [FLAC]

Stream the Complete Show (banter and encore tracks not streamed):

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Terminal West
Atlanta GA

Digital Master Audience Recording
Recorded from Front of Balcony

MBHO 603a – KA-500 > Naiant Tinybox > Roland R-05 > 24bit 48kHz wav file > Soundforge (level adjustments, EQ, set fades) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > TLH > flac (320 MP3 and tagging via Foobar)

Recorded by Kubacheck
Produced by nyctaper

[Total Time 1:36:17]
01 Chinatown
02 Sideshow by the Seashore
03 Moon Palace
04 [banter – play the album]
05 Double Feature
06 Twenty Three Minutes in Brussels
07 Lost in Space
08 Rhythm King
09 [banter]
10 Kalamazoo
11 Hedgehog
12 [banter – Ron Jeremy]
13 Freakin and Peakin
14 [banter – secret bonus track]
15 Bonnie and Clyde
16 [encore break]
17 Pup Tent
18 Malibu Love Nest
19 Tracy I Love You
20 [banter – requests]
21 Anesthesia
22 Friendly Advice
23 [second encore break]
24 California

If you Download this recording from nyctaper, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Luna, visit their website, and purchase their official releases from the links at their website, from Bandcamp and the Long Players Box Set from Captured Tracks Records [HERE].

Warehouse: June 12, 2015 Rough Trade – Flac/MP3/Streaming

August 19, 2015

Warehouse Live

When the first and most immediate comparison I make with a current band is to the late great Pylon, you know that band has immediately won me over. Warehouse is from the same area as Pylon (Atlanta/Athens) and play the same tight and jittery math-rock that was revolutionized in the early 80’s when Pylon songs like “Dub” and “Crazy” were making waves on college radio. Its heartening to know 30+ years hence that bands still feel this influence, and in the case of Warehouse, actually acknowledge the musical debt. Not surprisingly, all of this is not lost on the Eighties aficionados at Bayonet Records who have signed Warehouse to their fledgling label. At the Bayonet Northside showcase, Warehouse was the first band on the bill and one that certainly caught the early attention of the room that filled quickly when the band began to play. This set is marked by the appearance of five new (with working titles) songs in the eight-song setlist. The band’s only current release is the Tesseract cassette of which three songs were played, and we are streaming “Promethean Gaze” below. Consider this recording an excellent preview of the new album, which is not expected until next year but has the early ingredients to be a stunner. We’ll be waiting for it, certainly.

Warehouse is currently booking Fall tour dates. Keep posted by following them on Facebook.

This set was recorded in the same manner at the Beach Fossils set from this show (Schoeps plus Kam’s feed) and the sound is equally superb. Enjoy!

Download the Complete Show [MP3] / [FLAC]

Stream “Promethean Gaze”:

Note: All of the material on this site is offered with artist permission, free to fans, at our expense. The only thing we ask is that you download the material directly from this site, rather than re-posting the direct links or the files on other sites without our permission. Please respect our request, and feel free to repost the Soundcloud links

Rough Trade
Brooklyn NY

Digital Master Recording
Soundboard + Audience Matrix

Soundboard [Engineer Kam] + Schoeps CCM4u Cardioids > Sound Devices 744t > 2 x 24bit 48kHz wavs > Soundforge (post-production) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > TLH > flac (320 MP3 and tagging via Foobar)

Recorded and Produced by nyctaper

[Total Time 28:35]
01 [new song – Criminal Lines]
02 Mental Faculty
03 Promethean Gaze
04 [new song – Oscillator]
05 Euphrates
06 [new song – Untitled1]
07 [new song – Reservoir]
08 [new song – Untitled2]

If you download this recording from NYCTaper, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Warehouse, visit their Facebook page, and purchase Tesseract from Bayonet Records [HERE].

Gringo Star: June 14, 2014 Mercury Lounge – FLAC/MP3/Streaming Full Set

August 11, 2014

[band promo photo]

Gringo Star‘s formula ain’t hard to figure out, nor is it foreign to fans of the stellar garage rock that’s been pouring out of the Atlanta, GA area for the past several years. Helmed by the Furgiuele brothers — Nick and Peter — Gringo Star plays fun-loving, to-the-point tunes that find them in good company with other recent site favorites like fellow Atlantans The Coathangers and the West Coasters Night Beats. This late-night set at Mercury Lounge proved to be the kind of free-for-all you might expect, with the band as ringleaders. Their latest album, Floating Out to See, finds them in a slightly mellower, more textured mode on the LP, but in the tight confines of Mercury it all came out pure party music. I can only hope the after party was as much of a scorcher as this set. 

This set was recorded by the Mercury staff directly from the soundboard and provided to us. The sound quality is excellent. Enjoy!

Download the full set: [MP3] | [FLAC]

Stream the full set:

Gringo Star
Mercury Lounge
New York, NY USA

Hosted at
Produced by acidjack

Midas Verona Soundboard>Tascam CD–RW900SL>CD-R>Izotope Ozone 5 (effects, imaging, EQ, exciter)>Audacity 2.0.3 (tracking, fades, amplify, balance, upsample)>FLAC ( level 8 )

Tracks [cuts in after first song]
01 100 Miles
02 Find A Love
03 Make You Mine
04 The Start
05 Ask Me Why
06 Look For More
07 Count Yer Lucky Stars
08 Going Way Out
09 Mexican Coma
10 You Want It
11 Come Back Home
12 All Y’All
13 Shadow

If you enjoyed this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Gringo Star, visit their website, and buy Floating Out to See on iTunes or Amazon.

The Coathangers: April 17, 2014 Baby’s All Right – FLAC/MP3/Streaming Full Set

April 24, 2014

[photos by acidjack. they’re not very good, but the recording is]

The Atlanta all-female punk threesome The Coathangers go for the jugular, but they go for it with a smile. Since their last record, 2011’s Larceny and Old Lace, they no longer have a keyboard player (Candice Jones aka Bebe Coathanger), but stripping down has served them well. The raw ferocity of the remaining members — Minnie Coathanger (Meredith Franco), Crook Kid Coathanger (Julia Kugel) and Rusty Coathanger (Julia Luke) — is more than enough to fill a stage and dominate a forty-five minute set.

This show at Baby’s All Right gave us a look at the material from their 2014 release, Suck My Shirt, and if these songs are any indication, they’re more than fine without the keyboards. The ladies in this band share vocal duties producing an enticing mix of babydoll sweetness and punk snarl. The band’s other most notable component is their shared sense of humor, which can run to dark places, starting with the band name (a reference to the bad old days of abortion).

Throughout the set, the band offered ample doses of self-effacing humor to go with their reckless, infectious songs. When we last saw them, Larceny and Old Lace had just hit the shelves, and they gave new life to several of those now-keyboardless songs like the burner of a set opener, “Johnny” and melodic, somewhat slower-paced “Trailer Park Boneyard”, which was one of my favorites. The new Suck My Shirt material really shone, from the blistering “Adderall” and “Springfield Cannonball” to the rough and raucous “Smother”. The night’s closer, “Don’t Touch My Shit”, was perhaps the perfect example of how punk can grow up without getting lame. The band brought the eight-year old daughter of a friend of the band a young girl who is (one of the band members’ relatives/daughter? If you know… feel free to let me know in the comments) in on guest vocals. We were warned that she’d be saying some bad words, and she did. Best to get them started off early if you want ’em to turn out right!

This recording is a digital multitrack recording and the sound quality is outstanding. Enjoy!

Stream the entire set and download individual tracks (full set downloads below):

Download the complete show: [MP3]  | [FLAC]

Note: All of the material on this site is offered with artist permission, free to fans, at our expense. The only thing we ask is that you download the material directly from this site, rather than re-posting the direct links or the files on other sites without our permission. Please respect our request.


The Coathangers
Baby’s All Right
Brooklyn, NY USA

Exclusive download hosted at
Recorded by Devin Foley and acidjack
Produced by acidjack

Multichannel digital multitrack 24bit/48kHz files>Adobe Audition CS 5.5 (compression, alignment, mixdown, fades)>Izotope Ozone 5.5 (effects, EQ)>Audacity 2.0.3 (tracking, amplify, balance, downsample, dither)>FLAC ( level 8 )

Tracks [Total Time: 44:14]
01 [intro]
02 Johnny
03 Smother
04 Follow Me
05 Trailer Park Boneyard
06 Sicker
07 Springfield Cannonball
08 Call To Nothing
09 Arthritis Sux
10 Adderall
11 Hurricane
12 Derek’s Song
13 Sex Beat [The Gun Club]
14 Shut Up
15 Cheap
16 [banter]
17 Don’t Touch My Shit

If you enjoyed this recording, please support The Coathangers, visit their website and buy their records from Suicide Squeeze Records.

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