Mountain Movers: April 30, 2022 Tubby’s (Kingston, NY)

May 13, 2022

Much has changed in Kingston since the start of Covid. Many of the long-standing hubs of the community (RIP BSP, Boitson’s, Tony’s) sit empty while revitalization and housing prices march onward. Tubby’s, thankfully, has not only weathered the storm, but seems to be steadily gaining steam. 

At its core Tubby’s is a local hang. On any given evening it may be the gathering spot for local members of the LGBTQ+ community, Simpsons fans, Deadheads, Goths or just folks looking for a cold beer after work. This beautiful Spring evening was a double bill with Mountain Movers and Wet Tuna, a night for the heads. 

Mountain Movers have appeared on this website several times over the years, and I am happy to add another recording to the list. The New Haven CT quartet pulled from their entire catalog including several tracks from their excellent 2021 release “World What World”. The set ended with a particularly transportive 10-minute workout of “Unknown Hours” exploring all the corners of noise, psychedelia, atmosphere, and Rock they are known for. 

I recorded this set from my normal spot atop the riser next to the soundboard with my MBHO mics and a mono board feed from Tubby’s FOH engineer Brian. I am quite happy with the results! 

Download in FLAC/MP3

Mountain Movers
Kingston, NY

Recorded and Produced by Kliked

MBHO440 + SDB> SoundDevices MixPre3> SD (24/48)> Adobe Audition/izotope 9> Audacity> FLAC (lvl8)> Mp3Tag
Thanks to Tubby’s FOH engineer Brian for the board patch!

  1. Hudson Valley Jam
  2. Bodega On My Mind > The Sun Shines On The Moon
  3. I Wanna See The Sun
  4. Then The Moon
  5. Flock Of Swans
  6. Way Back to the World
  7. Unknown Hours

Dan Greene: guitar, vocals
Rick Omonte: bass
Kryssi Battalene: lead guitar
Ross Menze: drums

Please support Mountain Movers and visit their Bandcamp page!

Tubby’s upcoming shows!

Mary Lattimore & Bill Nace: April 16, 2022 Three Lobed Recordings 21st Anniversary, Duke University (Durham, NC)

May 12, 2022

As if further proof were needed, this first-time collaboration between Mary Lattimore and Bill Nace proves that she is easily the most versatile and dynamic harpist on the planet. As for Nace — perhaps best-known of late for his work in Body/Head but with a decades-long list of experimental guitar solo projects and collaborations under his belt — anyone who has seen him perform knows that you can never be sure what you’ll hear, but you can be assured it will be done with intention and skill.

This set, during the outdoor portion of the final day of the Three Lobed Recordings 21st anniversary festival, might have been the most special I’ve seen from either artist. Nace brought a rare (in the west) instrument, the taishogoto, to the table for the collaboration, and the combination with Lattimore’s harp proved extraordinary — something so delicate, rare and beautiful that the pairing of the two musicians almost felt obvious instead of new. Early word on the street is that the musicians agree: we may well see something committed to release at some point in the future.

Don’t take my word for it. Press play on the stream below, make sure your set and setting are smooth, and drift in.

I recorded this set with Wayne’s excellent house mix and Schoeps mics in the audience. The sound quality is outstanding. Enjoy!

Download in FLAC, MP3 and Apple Lossless

acidjacknyc · First-time improv at TLR21

Mary Lattimore and Bill Nace
April 16, 2022
Three Lobed Recordings 21st Anniversary
Karsh Alumni Center
Duke University
Durham, NC

Recorded and produced by acidjack
Live sound by Wayne

Soundboard + Schoeps MK4V>KC5>CMC6>>Sound Devices MixPre 6>24/44.1 WAV>Adobe Audition CC>Izotope Ozone 5>Audacity>FLAC

BUY MUSIC: Lattimore | Nace

Gunn-Truscinski Duo: April 16, 2022 Three Lobed Recordings 21st Anniversary, Duke University (Durham, NC)

May 5, 2022

Steve Gunn has been a key presence in the Three Lobed universe since the 2006 release of the Heavy Elements CD. His dynamic growth as an artist in the years since — including his current Matador-backed full band work — has been a thrill to watch, to the point that it’s hard to pick favorites among his work. That said, it’s hard not to consider his duo work with John Truscinski among the very best. As this set demonstrates, improvisation between these two is almost an unspoken language at this point. Fans of the band’s most recent LP, Soundkeeper, which includes one of my Union Pool recordings, can attest that the band’s live improvisations can be some of their best work. Tonight’s first song was one such moment — an untitled new number that already feels like a forthcoming GTD classic. As to the rest of the set, it consisted of exactly those — “Banh Mi Ringtones” and “Ocean Parkway,” both from Three Lobed’s second GTD LP, Ocean Parkway. These renditions were as inspired and electric as the entire evening, perhaps never more so that the climactic interplay around the eight-minute mark of “Banh Mi.” This whole night — the whole festival — celebrated all that’s right with independent music. John and Steve are certainly a big part of that.

I recorded this set with Schoeps MK4V mics mounted on the center of the balcony, with a soundboard feed from Christopher Scully-Thurston’s mix. It sounds like it.

Download FLAC and MP3

acidjacknyc · Gunn-Truscinski Duo Live at TLR21

Gunn-Truscinski Duo
Von der Heyden Studio Theater
Rubenstein Arts Center
Duke University
Durham, NC USA

Recorded and produced by acidjack
Live mix by Christopher Scully-Thurston

Schoeps MK4V (DFC, PAS)>KC5>CMC6 + Soundboard>>Sound Devices MixPre6>24/44.1 WAV>Audition>Audacity>FLAC

01 [Rayborn intro]
02 [untitled new song]
03 Banh Mi Ringtones
04 Ocean Parkway


Wet Tuna: April 16, 2022 Three Lobed Recordings 21st Anniversary, Duke University (Durham, NC)

April 29, 2022

A sunny spring afternoon in North Carolina, with a light breeze in the air, audience members in uncramped splay on the ground, Wet Tuna onstage as a new lineup, here to celebrate the 21st anniversary of a label whose longevity and success both might once have felt improbable, but now seem inevitable. All of this smack in the middle of the lush arboreal campus of an elite American university, one equally improbable as the location of a weird daytime concert and birthplace of said label. Like the first song says, so much vibe in the world. So much right here.

Held on the outdoor grounds of the Karsh Alumni Center at Duke University, Wet Tuna’s set kicked off the third and final day of Three Lobed Recordings‘ 21st anniversary celebration, one of many things postponed by the pandemic. Tuna’s third full-length, Warping All By Yourself, was released recently by Three Lobed, and is the band’s first that isn’t a collab between Matt “MV” Valentine and Pat “PG Six” Gubler. So, for its expanded embrace of funk, we have only Valentine himself to thank — and today’s live lineup including MV&EE collaborator and partner Erika “EE” Elder and Jim Bliss for bringing that vibe to the live audience this afternoon.

This set began in the mellow embrace of “So Much Vibe In the World” and ended with the straight up boogie of “Sweet Chump Change,” which might be the most “approachable” Tuna jam yet. In between, don’t sleep on the band’s take on Peter Laughner’s “Baudelaire,” the new album’s centerpiece, “Raw Food” (this being closer to version 1 of the 2 versions offered) and “Cowpath 40” which sets the stage for the segue into “Sweet Chump Change.” This day couldn’t have opened more smoothly or in any way that felt more right. It was good to be here, in this welcoming space, back in the zone.

I recorded this set with a soundboard feed from longtime area sound engineer Wayne, together with Schoeps MK4V mics. MV’s outbound mix to the board did most of the work here; like the day itself, it’s right on.

Download the complete show in FLAC, Apple Lossless and MP3 [HERE]

acidjacknyc · Wet Tuna – live at TLR21 (April 16, 2022)

Wet Tuna
Three Lobed 21st Anniversary
Karsh Alumni Center, Duke University
Durham, NC USA

Recorded and produced by acidjack
Live sound engineer: Wayne

Soundboard + Schoeps MK4V>KC5>CMC6>>Sound Devices MixPre6>24/44.1kHz WAV>Adobe Audition CC>Izotope Ozone 5>Audacity>FLAC ( level 8 )

Tracks [Total Time 56:00]
01 [Rayborn intro]
02 So Much Vibe in the World
03 Baudelaire [Peter Laughner]
04 Raw Food (version 1)
05 Cowpath 40>
06 Sweet Chump Change

Matt Valentine – guitar/vox
Erika Elder – keys, vox
Jim Bliss – bass/synth


Phish: April 21, 2022 Madison Square Garden

April 25, 2022

When the Phish New Year’s run at Madison Square Garden was postponed, it was quite a large disappointment and a great inconvenience for tens of thousands of fans. The rescheduled dates corresponding to “4/20” was cute, sure, but the real gift was the ability to experience this special holiday week in April. For us, that meant we’d be attending and recording the first two nights, and frankly I couldn’t have been happier.

The Wednesday night show was recorded and we’ll post it later this week, but honesty this Thursday night show was so far superior that it earned the right to jump the line. This was, not hyperbolically speaking, a top five Phish experience for me personally.

The night began with a “Suzy” dedicated to the song’s main character who attended her first Phish show on this night. And what a version — energetic and fun, it propelled this first set to a nice momentum, with “Wolfman’s” and “Ghost” as the highlights. But the very best was yet to come.

Any show that packs Chalkdust, Tweezer, 2001, Maze, Hood, and Zero into a single set is naturally going to be a winner, but it was more than that. This was just top notch playing, crisp and inspired. The band locked into a glorious melodic jam that lasted for the final nine minutes of Tweezer and was such a peak that I hoped they’d never transition to another track. The Phish scholars can correct me, but I believe that this was just a spontaneous first-time creation by the band on the fly and represented for me the beautiful possibilities of any Phish performance. At this point, less than halfway through the set, the balance of the night was just gravy. And the band kept piling it on, as one highlight followed the next. I was certain that Hood was the set closer and would have been more than satisfied, but Phish was not letting up on this night and crashed into a crazy “Character Zero” that celebrated the magic of this special evening.

I recorded this set with the Schoeps cards from inside of the Taper’s Section, elevated behind the soundboard. The mix was dialed in for this show, and I’m really pleased with this recording. Enjoy!

Download the Complete Show [MP3] / [FLAC]

Stream the Tweezer (with that amazing jam):

nyctaper · Phish – Tweezer (live at MSG Apr 21, 2022)

Madison Square Garden
New York NY

Digital Master Recording
Tapers Section Behind Soundboard

Schoeps CCM4u Cardioids > Sound Devices 744t > 24bit 48kHz wav > Soundforge (post production) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > TLH > flac (320 MP3 and tagging via Foobar)

Recorded and Produced by nyctaper

Set 1 [Total Time 1:11:28]
01 Suzy Greenberg
02 46 Days
03 Plasma
04 The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday
05 Avenu Malkenu
06 The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday
07 Wolfman’s Brother
08 Esther
09 Ghost

Set 2 [Total Time 1:40:44]
10 Chalk Dust Torture
11 Tweezer
12 Also Sprach Zarathustra
13 Maze
14 About to Run
15 The Mango Song
16 Harry Hood
17 Character Zero
18 Tweezer Jam
19 Character Zero Reprise
20 [encore break]
21 A Life Beyond The Dream
22 Tweezer Reprise

SUPPORT Phish: Website | Store

SAVAK: April 8, 2022 Tubby’s (Kingston, NY)

April 12, 2022

SAVAK released their last LP, Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth, on April 10, 2020. To say that was a weird time would be an understatement. I vividly recall exploring my former neighborhoods of Ditmas Park and Midwood, frequently soundtracked by that new LP in those early days.

Now it’s two years later and… here we are. SAVAK’s latest record, Human Error / Human Delight arrives on Friday and I even got to see them play live for the first time in probably three years. Too long! But like those early days, SAVAK’s set from last Friday is a much needed salve. There’s nothing quite like live music and SAVAK’s energy is infectious as ever. This was my first chance to hear some of the new songs, like the standout album-opener “No Blues No Jazz,” “Dealers,” “Cold Ocean,” and a riotous, closing “Set Apart.” SAVAK steer full-throttle towards delight!

SAVAK have a few upcoming dates around NYC, including one at The P.I.T. on May 12, plus opening slots for Jawbox (!) in July and June of 44 (!!) in October, both at Le Poisson Rouge.

I recorded this set with the mics clamped to the soundboard booth, combined with a board feed from FOH Will. I mixed those down and then Sohrab provided some additional mastering. The results are excellent. Enjoy!

Download the complete show: [MP3/FLAC]

Stream the complete show:

nyctaper · SAVAK – Live at Tubby's 2022

Kingston, NY

Recorded and produced by Eric PH for

Soundboard (engineer: Will) + MBHO KA200N/603A > Naiant PFA >> Sound Devices MixPre-6 > WAV (24/48) > Adobe Audition CC + Izotope Ozone 5 > Audacity 3.0.2 > FLAC

Tracks [40:15]

  1. Early Western Traders
  2. Vis-a-Vis
  3. How Many Duchesses
  4. Dealers
  5. I Don’t Want To Be Defended
  6. Cold Ocean
  7. No Blues No Jazz
  8. Door Deals & Debt
  9. They Are Not Like Us
  10. Set Apart

Buy Human Error / Human Delight via Bandcamp
• • Connect with the band at their Website and on Facebook

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