Seawind of Battery & ragenap: October 27, 2023 Troost

December 4, 2023

Our friend and fellow taper noah_s caught Seawind of Battery and ragenap live at Troost a few weeks back. We were excited to to post his recording and in the meantime Mike and Joel were similarly excited—so much so that they released this recording on Eiderdown Records as Chaos LIVE Preserver which you can grab at Bandcamp. Here’s the review and recording from noah_s:

Full Disclosure: I have been one of ragenap’s (Joel Berk) beta listeners since he began putting his jams into recorded form. I would listen to demos & rough mixes he recorded the night before early in the morning while I had my coffee. I once described his music as feeling as if a can of Coke had been opened in my head and I could feel the bubbles fizzing through my brain as I woke up while listening. 

On Friday 10/27/23 at Troost in Greenpoint I finally got to see the live version. Paired up with Seawind of Battery (Mike Horn) – and celebrating the release of their tape Chaos Life Preserver on Eiderdown Records – the duo gave us 35 minutes of droney spacey improvised bliss.They built their set up from a looped riff started by Horn to a joyous and bright section that reminded me of staying up all night to watch a sunrise. Layers of guitar and bass VI worked through an array of never-ending delays and reverbs filled the small bar that was packed with friends, family and Halloween weekenders alike. They built this zone up for about half the set and then spent the other half slowly devolving it while also adding flourishes and delay whips before sticking the landing like a moon lander floating down into low gravity. I know I’m not alone in hoping these two make a lot more music together both in the studio and live.

For this recording I used my CA-11 cardioid mics for the first time and I’m extremely happy with how it came out. I was set up on a tripod near the bar about 15 feet back from where the band set up and as centered as I could be without blocking people from walking in/out.

Black Duck: September 9, 2023 Tubby’s (Kingston, NY)

November 10, 2023

Since the late 90’s Chicago’s music scene has been a constant source of excitement for me. It seems like every year some new gem comes out of the city’s endless pool of independent, creative, and adventurous musicians and labels. Old favorites like Tortoise, and their label, Thrill Jockey, continue to push boundaries while new favorites like International Anthem and Glyders demand my attention. 

Black Duck is a trio of Douglas McCombs, Charles Rumback, and Bill MacKay; all veterans of Chicago’s fertile improv scene. Their self-titled Thrill Jockey debut has its roots in their collective improvisation experience with the bulk of the material being created in the studio. The Tubby’s faithful were lucky enough to be given does of both improv and arranged material. 

The set started with one of two fully improvised pieces allowing the band to find their footing before moving into “The Trees Are Dancing” giving us a chance to hear a live treatment of the recorded material. It’s always interesting to see how musicians approach established songs that are rooted in improvisation. In Black Duck’s case, all the album material was stretched out. The evening ended with a nearly ten-minute version “Lemon Treasure” before heading into another impro piece based loosely on the album track “Light’s New Measure”. 

I recorded this from my usual spot by the soundboard with the MBHO’s. The low end was a touch boomy early on, but things settled in rather nicely and I’m very happy with the quality. Enjoy! 

Download in FLAC or MP3!

mr_kliked · Black Duck 20223-09-09 Tubby's

Black Duck
Kingston, NY

Source: MBHO440 > SD MixPre 3 > SD (24/48) > Adobe Audition/Izotope 9 > Audacity FLAC (lvl 8) > Mp3Tag

Recorded and produced by Kliked

1: Improvisation #1
2: The Trees Are Dancing
3: Improvisation #2
4: Of The Lit Backyards
5: Delivery
6: Lemon Treasure
7: Improvisation #3

Black Duck is:
Douglas McCombs – Guitar/Bass
Charles Rhumback – Drums
Bill MacKay – Guitar

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Tengger: October 1, 2023 Tubby’s Fifth Anniversary

October 31, 2023

Today begins our coverage of Tubby’s Fifth Anniversary party with deep Kosmische zones courtesy of Tengger

The Pan-Asian traveling family came to town on day 3 of the event to play at the outdoor stage the Tubby’s team put together by turning Field Court into a block party.  It’s hard to express how emotional this set was to see and hear.  When I first moved to Kingston, nearly 20 years ago, the idea that I would spend a Sunday afternoon in a dead-end street off Broadway doing anything other than being mugged would have been an impossibility. Instead, several hundred people stood still and quiet and let Tengger’s sound fill their hearts and souls. The zones were so deep that at least two people were laid out across the ground; staring into the sky and probably much further while RAAI walked through the crowd chiming bells. It’s this exact spirit of adventurous acceptance that I’ve come to love and expect of Tubby’s crowds. 

Tengger’s sonic makeup is an interesting dichotomy.  In constructing their drones and soundscapes they often rely on making the very quiet seem very huge.  This is a complicated issue from a sound and production stance because there is A LOT of gain involved and that often means a lot of feedback. A touch of that is evident during the first track, Water, but Tubby’s super team of Will on house mix and Kyle on monitors tamed the beast quickly.  I recorded this from the Soundboard with my MBHO’s and the FOH team’s superb mix.  The sound is excellent, and I truly hope it was heard throughout the entire town. 

Special thanks to friend of the site Mike Newman for facilitating things with the band and getting the ok to post this! 

Download in FLAC and MP3

mr_kliked · Tengger2023-10-1

Field Court Stage
Kingston, NY
Tubby’s 5th Anniversary

Source: MBHO 440 (at Soundboard) + SDB > Zoom F8 > Adobe Audition/Izotope 9 > Audacity Flac (lvl8) > Mp3Tag

Thanks to Tubby’s FOH Engineer Will for the patch!

  1. Water
  2. Achime
  4. Beautiful Ocean
  6. High

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Ned Collette: August 19, 2023 Deep In The Valley

October 25, 2023

Photo by Christopher Bruno

The NycTaper coverage of the 2023 Deep In The Valley festival continues!  For today’s installment we have Ned Collette, the Australian born, Berlin based songwriter and producer that came to town to play a beautiful early afternoon set for us all.  

The set opened with “The Laughter Across The Street” from 2006’s “Jokes & Trials” immediately finds Ned, with Elisabeth Fuchsia on viola, occupying a space that feels unique in “folk” music. A strange and beautiful and dark space where the songs are a cross between Jim O’Rourke and Judee Sill. Listening to this now, with the leaves falling in the Hudson Valley, feels just right.

I had initially sent my mix of this recording to Ned who asked if he might take a crack at doing a touch more EQ.  Eventually, I ended up sending him my masters which he worked on in his studio and the result is the beautiful sounding mix we have here.  Using my MBHO mics positioned at stage lip for instrument presence and the excellent board feed courtesy of FOH engineer Daniele Stout for vocal clarity Ned gives us a mix far better than what I produced!  Enjoy!

Download in FLAC or MP3!

mr_kliked · NedCollette2023-08-19DeepInTheValley

Ned Collette
Deep in the Valley
From the Ground Brewery Red Hook, NY

Source: Source: MBHO440 + SDB> SD MixPre 3 > SD (24/48) by Kliked

Post Production by Ned Colette

Thanks to FOH engineer Daniel Stout for the board patch!

  1. The Laughter Across The Street
  2. Animal Swoon
  3. Boulder
  4. The Optimist
  5. Il Futuro Fantastico
  6. The Country With A Smile
  7. Vanitas Quack

Ned Collette – Guitar, Vocals
Elisabeth Fuchsia – Viola

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Thanks to Chris Bruno for the photo!

Sunwatchers: August 19, 2023 Deep in the Valley and April 20, 2023 Tubby’s

September 18, 2023
Photo by Christopher Bruno

Our coverage of the 2023 Deep In The Valley festival continues! 

Has it really been four years since we last saw Sunwatchers? Unbelievable! Fortunately nothing interesting has happened since 2019 and so we pick up right where we left off. But just a few things in the interim: Sunwatchers put out the righteous duo Oh Yeah? and Brave Rats in 2020; Jim McHugh put out a pair of work-abolishin’, eye-lazer shootin’ solo records the same year; Peter Kerlin’ released a guest-filled, wide-ranging experimental solo record; and Jeff Tobias released a trio of rad tapes/records just in the last year or so. Whew!

But wait, there’s more! Sunwatchers will release Music is Victory Over Time in just a couple months. These two sets we saw this year will serve as a good preview of what’s to come and it sounds pretty damn awesome. So be sure to preorder that right away. Meanwhile, enjoy this double dose of Sunwatchers to start your week.

Stream and Download at the Live Music Archive: Deep in the Valley | Tubby’s

Deep in the Valley
From the Ground Brewery
Red Hook, NY

Recorded and produced by Eric PH for

Soundboard + MBHO KA100DK/603A (stage lip) > Naiant PFA >> Sound Devices MixPre-6 > WAV (24/48) > Adobe Audition CC + Izotope Ozone 5 > Audacity 3.0.2 > FLAC

Tracks [38:10]
01. Beautiful Crystals
02. Too Gary
03. T.A.S.C
04. Foams
05. The Works
06. World People 

Kingston, NY

Recorded and produced by Eric PH for

Soundboard (engineer: Nick) + MBHO KA200N/603A > Naiant PFA >> Sound Devices MixPre-6 > WAV (24/48) > Adobe Audition CC + Izotope Ozone 5 > Audacity 3.0.2 > FLAC

Tracks [51:54]
01. Blitzkrieg Bop [Ramones] > World People
02. Too Gary
03. T.A.S.C.
04. Foams
05. Blitzkrieg Bob [reprise] > Tumulus
06. There Goes Ol’ Ooze
07. Beautiful Crystals
08. Silent Boogie

Garcia Peoples: August 19, 2023 Deep In The Valley

September 15, 2023

Photo by Christopher Bruno

Our coverage of the 2023 Deep In The Valley festival continues! 

Today we have site favorites Garcia Peoples set. Unfortunately, Danny (Guitar, Vocals) and Cesar (Drums) were unable to make it. Thankfully a friend of the band, Ryan Jewell, was on hand to play with Ryley Walker and was able to sit in. With this unique line-up, the band treated us to a single 30+ minute piece of improvisation. 

Launching into free improv isn’t something new for Garcia Peoples. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things about them. They are so comfortable with it that I often don’t know if it’s truly improv or a new song they are working on. It’s honestly embarrassing how many times I’ve had to go up to Tom or Andy after a set and ask if something they did was song I don’t know or just jam. Spoiler alert; it’s almost always a jam.

I recorded this with my MBHO cards at stage lip and very nice board feed from FOH engineer Daniel Stout. The quality is excellent!

Download and stream from the Live Music Archive!

Garcia Peoples


Deep in the Valley From the Ground Brewery Red Hook, NY

Recorded and produced by kliked for

Source: Source: MBHO440 + SDB> SD MixPre 3 > SD (24/48) > Adobe Audition/Izotope 9 > Audacity FLAC (lvl8) > Mp3Tag

Thanks to FOH engineer Daniel Stout for the board patch!

1. Deep In The Valley Jam

Danny and Cesar were unable to make the show so Ryan Jewell sat in on drums and the band did a 30 minute improv piece.

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Thanks to Chris Bruno for the photo!


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