Acid Mothers Temple: April 7, 2010 Knitting Factory Brooklyn – FLAC and MP3 Downloads

April 9, 2010

[Photo by acidjack]

This was my first time seeing Acid Mothers Temple in their fifteen-year history, so perhaps the other fans more familiar with the band knew a bit more what to expect than I did – an intoxicating sonic journey that blew minds and eardrums.  The already-legendary Japanese psych-rock band, led by guitarist Kawabata Makoto, has operated on-and-off for the last fifteen years as a collective, and only in more recent times as a tightly-knit, core band.  And their sound, believe you me, is heavy, a wall of music that crescendoes and, then, seemingly, crescendoes still further.  Most songs segue seamlessly from one another; the show is relentless and tight.  No wonder members of the crowd had been following the band across the U.S. – they are that kind of band, the type to inspire fanatics.  Count me in.

I recorded this set from the optimal spot in the venue with the DPA microphones.  The crowd was focused on the music and the recording is excellent.  I should note – as I said up top – that I am not familiar with the band’s music, and therefore I could use commenters’ help on the setlist.  There may also be some imperfect tracking, which is a combination of my inexperience with their music and the relatively seamless nature of the set.  As it is best experienced as a complete piece of music, I do not think that will detract from the listening experience.  Enjoy!

This Recording is now available for Download in FLAC and MP3 at [HERE].

Acid Mothers Temple
Knitting Factory
Brooklyn, NY  USA

An acidjack master recording
Recorded and produced by acidjack for

Equipment: DPA 4021>Naiant littlebox>Sony PCM-M10 (24/44.1)
Position: Clamp to right side of SBD cage, mics at 9?, ~NOS
Mastering: 24bit/44.1kHz WAV>Audacity (set fades, tracking, slight EQ, amplify each channel, downsample)>FLAC ( level 8 )

Tracks (thanks to the commenter for the setlist)
01 Opening jam
02 Improvisation > In O to Infinity
03 More Improvisation
04 Pink Lady Lemonade
05 The End Jam
06 Pink Lady Lemonade
07 Cometary Orbital Drive
08 encore break
09 Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky

If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Acid Mothers Temple, visit their website, and purchase their records here or at your favorite retailer.  Please note that certain releases can only be purchased directly from the band at their website.

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