Medications: July 23, 2010 Littlefield – FLAC and MP3 Downloads + Streaming Song

July 28, 2010

[Photos courtesy of Jonny Leather]

Our friend Jonny Leather has been putting on well-rounded and uniformly excellent showcase shows for awhile now, and we were pleased to have the chance to cover another of them last Friday night at Littlefield. As Jonny’s shows often do, this show spotlighted some bands from outside New York; in this case, the headliners Medications and Deleted Scenes are our Amtrak neighbors from Washington, D.C. Medications may not be a household name up here (yet), but they have an impeccable Dischord pedigree. The band is the brainchild of Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter, who also founded the influential math rock outfit Faraquet. Prior to that, Devin did time in one of my all-time favorite D.C. bands, the short-lived but phenomenal Smart Went Crazy. Medications are a more accessible band than either of its predecessors, retaining the intricate, instantly recognizable guitar work that Faraquet was known for, but with more melodic vocals and traditionally structured songs that reflect the members’ love of not only 70s punk and their contemporaries in the Dischord scene, but also their love of 60s pop. Despite the fact that all hell was breaking loose outside weather-wise, the weather couldn’t keep fans away from this show, which found the band playing through almost all of their recently released CompletelyRemoved, which is one of the strongest new records I have heard this year. Ocampo and Molter (as well as Mark Cisneros, who joined the band for this record) gave the crowd ample evidence of their chops at this show, playing the hell out of their instruments even after the PA feed was shut down due to the venue’s noise restrictions!

I recorded this set with a combination of a stereo soundboard feed provided by the Littlefield staff and the Schoeps microphones. The sound quality is excellent, though I do note that there were some fluctuations in the volume of the soundboard feed as the sound team had to reduce the volume due to the aforementioned noise restrictions. These adjustments should be mostly inaudible to the listener. All tracks are tagged for easy importing into iTunes or your favorite MP3 system. Enjoy!

This Recording is now available to Download in FLAC or MP3 and to Stream at [HERE].

Brooklyn, NY USA

An acidjack master recording
Recorded and produced by acidjack for

Equipment: Schoeps CMC641+Stereo Soundboard Feed>Edirol R-44 (Oade Concert Mod) (24/44.1)
Position: ROC, at left side of sound booth, mics at 7.5?, pointed at stacks
Mastering: 2×24bit/44.1kHz WAV>Audacity (mixdown, compression of peaks, set fades, volume adjustments, downsample to 16bit)>FLAC Level 8

Tracks [Total Time 42:21]
01 Seasons
02 Home Is Where We Are
03 Long Day
04 [banter/tuning]
05 We Could Be Others
06 Tame on the Prowl
07 [tuning/banter]
08 Postcards
09 Brasil ‘07
10 Rising to Sleep
11 [tuning/banter]
12 For WMF

If you download this recording from NYCTaper, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Medications, visit their website, and purchase CompletelyRemoved direct from Dischord records here.

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