Autolux: August 26, 2010 Bowery Ballroom – FLAC and MP3 Downloads + Streaming Songs

November 26, 2010

[Photo from the Music Hall of Williamsburg show by Jessica Amaya]

It is fitting that Autolux hail from Los Angeles – they could easily be a Hollywood rendition of a band, the kind you can imagine playing in a nightclub scene right before Jason Statham or Bruce Willis blows the place up. The first time I saw them, they were so … perfect-looking, and their sound so au courant, that I did not know what to make of them. Their sound is Sonic Youth in clubland, distorted guitars with dreampop flourishes, showing a hint of gloss. Their polish is a strength – these musicians’ professionalism and attention to detail is evident, perhaps most obviously in the fact that, since 2004’s Future Perfect, the band took six years to produce its expertly crafted followup, Transit Transit, a record that has undoubtedly pleased the band’s fanbase, from the famous (hardly a review goes by that doesn’t name-check Thom Yorke, Trent Reznor, and PJ Harvey among the band’s fans) to the raucous crowd that jammed the Bowery Ballroom during that anticlimactic week before work and school get back in session.

In the live setting, Autolux’s music feels less blissed-out than on record, with a more jagged and welcome rock edge. The set led off with “The Science of Imaginary Solutions,” the slow burner that closes out Transit Transit, and covered the bulk of the band’s two records. “Turnstile Blues,” perhaps the band’s signature number, received a huge response, and rightly so – the song is massive, with a pounding Bonham-esque backbeat from drummer Carla Azar. I also loved the extended version of “Census”, another of the new numbers. Autolux ended the 71-minute set with a searing “Headless Sky”, sending the crowd back into the night, ready to face another long September.

While we realize this set is being posted a bit late due to a delay in clearance, we would like to emphasize our thanks to Autolux and their management for authorizing this recording. The Schoeps microphones were optimally placed just to the left of the sound staff, and this two-mic stereo pull is excellent. Enjoy!

Stream “Turnstile Blues”:

Stream “Supertoys”:

Direct download of MP3 files [HERE]

Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

Bowery Balroom
New York, NY USA

An acidjack master recording
Recorded and produced by acidjack for

Equipment: Schoeps CMC641>Edirol R-44 (Oade Concert Mod) (24/44.1)
Position: Balcony, immediately left of soundboard, clamp with arm extended to the right, pointed just outside stacks
Mastering: 24bit/44.1kHz WAV>Audacity (set fades, light EQ, tracking, amplify and balance, downsample)>FLAC ( level 8 )

Tracks [Total time 71min]
01 intro
02 The Science of Imaginary Solutions
03 Census
04 Census (cont’d)
05 Audience No. 2
06 Subzero Fun
07 The Bouncing Wall
08 Turnstile Blues
09 Supertoys
10 Spots
11 Kissproof
12 Robots In the Garden
13 Highchair
14 Blanket
15 Blanket (cont’d)
16 [encore break]
17 Plantlife
18 Headless Sky

If you download this recording from NYCTaper, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Autolux, visit their website, and purchase Transit Transit directly from the band here.

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