PCPC: October 21, 2014 St. Vitus – FLAC/MP3/Streaming Set

December 8, 2014

[photos courtesy of P Squared Photography]

PCPC is the daring combination of Andrew Savage and Austin Brown of Parquet Courts and members of PC Worship, bringing some of the best of both to the table. We were honored to capture this set at St. Vitus, which is their very first live show as a band. With both acts busy with their own projects — PC Worship with this year’s Social Rust, released a month before this show, Parquet Courts with the new “Parkay Courts” record — it’s impressive that the groups were able to make this pairing happen at all. But what we got was a band that felt loose and at home with their new material, their material combining Parquet’s nonchalance with the more off-kilter noise of PC Worship. The band felt a bit like a younger, less-serious Sonic Youth, making them the ideal opener for the Thurston Moore show that was to follow. A third of their set consisted of the opening number, the winding noise jam “Fell Into the Wrong Crowd”, before they got down to business with some shorter numbers, including a hard-to-recognize retooling of Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita”. The show operated more or less as a continuous single piece, and it was a thrill to watch these guys gel so effectively on their first time out.

I recorded this set in the same manner as Thurston Moore’s headlining set, with Schoeps MK4V microphones and a soundboard feed. The sound quality is outstanding. Enjoy!

Parquet Courts and PC Worship will be appearing together at Webster Hall this Thursday – try to buy tickets here if you can, or scour the Internet.

Download the full set: [MP3] | [FLAC]

Stream the full set:

St. Vitus
Brooklyn, NY USA

Exclusive download hosted at nyctaper.com
Recorded and produced by acidjack

Schoeps MK4V (LOC, A-B)>KC5>CMC6>Sound Devices USBPre2 + Soundboard>>Roland R-44 [OCM]>2x24bit/48kHz WAV>Adobe Audition CS 5.5 (aligh, mix down, fades, limiter)>Izotope Ozone 5 (light EQ, exciter)>Audacity 2.0.5 (tracking, amplify, balance, downsample, dither)>FLAC ( level 8 )

01 Fell Into the Wrong Crowd
02 I Know You
03 Human Kindness
04 Lost In the Drain
05 Carmelita [Warren Zevon]
06 Cracked Mary
07 Born Again To Be Wild

If you enjoyed this recording, please visit the Parquet Courts website, buy Sunbathing Animal here, and visit PC Worship’s bandcamp page, where you can also buy their records.

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