The Bloodsugars – NYCTaper Interview and CMJ Preview

October 22, 2008

Paul Simon imparts wisdom to Jason from The Bloodsugars

“Pop Masterpiece” elicits forty-nine thousand hits in a google search. One of rock criticisms’ most tired, overused and cliched phrases can be the signifier of a complete lack of imagination in the writer’s method. Or, in the case of my attempt to define The Bloodsugars BQEP release, its just an instance where the phrase truly applies. Listen to “Purpose Was Again” streaming on either The Bloodsugars website or MySpace page, and hear for yourself.

The Bloodsugars will perform on the Downstairs stage of the NYCTaper CMJ Show at Cake Shop tomorrow afternoon at 5 p.m. We spoke to Jason via email earlier this week about their next release, influences and mortality.

One of the enjoyable things about listening to your music is hearing the influences in the songs. There are the obvious Beatles/Kinks/Who Brit Invasion overtones, but I also hear that early 80’s music — Squeeze, Joe Jackson, Nick Lowe, The Shoes, Fischer Z — the “skinny tie” power-pop. Can you talk about what music you grew up listening to, and your influences generally?

Jason Rabinowitz:
I’d say a large part of our influence is drawn from vintage ’80s synth-pop the band grew up on. Trying to put a new twist on stuff like Prince, Hall and Oates, Eurythmics, Cindy Lauper and sort of do our own thing with it. As for the skinny tie stuff, I went through a huge Elvis Costello phase, huge.. We have a LOT of influences though.. The Coasters are my favorite band of all time. They had it all.

You’ve been working on new songs, and in fact when we featured a recording of your performance from After the Jump Fest in June, the setlist was primarily new material. I understand there is a new album in the works — at what stage are you in the recording process?

There is a new album in the works. We are about to pick a producer.. We go on tour in Nov with The Lisps and when we come back we’ll be recording it.

I guess you must get tired of talking about this, but I’m going to approach it from a different direction — the band name and your medical condition. One might think that someone like yourself with a heightened awareness of mortality and the fragility of life might write more morose and fatalistic songs. And yet, the songs are for the most part upbeat with a positive perspective. Any thoughts on this?

We all walk around with the illusion of immortality. I think it’s hardwired into psyches to allow us to cope with the day to day. We don’t constantly realize we will all die someday. But to confront that fact even rarely is kind of a treat cause you can realize you’re not dead yet.. (I just saw Fight Club for the first time) (yeah I know.. where have I been!?!)

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  1. mark
    October 27, 2008 at 9:40 am

    paul simon is clearly there looking for sounds to rip off for his next album. los lobos can attest to how slimy this guy is.

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