NYCTaper Interview: Jason Loewenstein + Circle of Buzzards Preview

February 23, 2009

[photo from jakerock]

We have seen Jason Loewenstein and Bob D’Amico perform together many times in the last several years. As the tremendous driving and aggressive rhythm section behind the live Fiery Furnaces, Jason and Bob created the foundation for some of the best live music ever featured on this site. It was then with great delight that we saw the two had formed a new band Circle of Buzzards in the temporary lull in the Furnaces schedule.

Circle of Buzzards will perform for only the fourth time in their brief existence on Thursday February 26 at Glasslands. Sample recordings are available on Jason’s site and on their MySpace page.

We spoke via email with Jason about Circle of Buzzards, the Glasslands gig, and also received some Sebadoh news.

NYCTaper: Hi Jason, thanks for agreeing to speak to nyctaper.
We are pretty stoked about Circle Of Buzzards, having seen you and Bob play together a bunch of times. Is this a project that you two have been discussing for a while, or did it just grow out of the down time in the Fiery Furnaces schedule?

Jason Loewenstein: Circle of Buzzards was born because The Empire State Troopers asked us to go out on the road with them. I wanted to go out on the road with them, but I needed a band and some songs. So I made them up and we loaded up the van.

NYCT: Do you envision this as a long-term project?

JL: I hope so, I think this is a really good band.

NYCT: Do you expect that it will remain a bass/drums duo?

JL: Yes. The elements of rhythm, melody and amplitude are fully represented thru the wanton precision of a highly developed physical representation of our mental state(s) and their connection to the present moment awareness of our 6 senses and the physical aggregates of our audience. We are of and in the present moment and seek to bring all others there with us since they are already there.

NYCT: So what can we expect at the Glasslands gig. I see that there are four songs on your page, are there other Buzzards songs, or might we hear some At Sixes And Sevens material or some covers?

JL: We have a bunch of songs. None of which will come from my solo record. We will probably play for about a 1/2 hour… There will likely be one cover song, but I dont think that anyone will know it. I will probably just pretend that its our song / not mention it.

NYCT: As nyctaper, I find it really refreshing that you have such an open policy towards tapers, as have all your bands. Can you talk a little about your open approach to tapers and the reasons why?

JL: Nothing good can come being a shit-hoarder. Musicians are lucky that anyone would give a shit to make tapes of them!

NYCT: Finally, I guess any Sebadoh fan would find me remiss if I didn’t ask about the current state of that band. Is there anything in the works, recording, tours, etc?

JL: I will be playing with Lou later this year to support a solo record that he just finished…Sebadoh is still very much alive… Just busy with other things at the moment… Lou is gonna tour with Dinosaur, I will be playing with Circle of Buzzards and Fiery Furnaces in addition to making recordings for other bands… When the pace lets up a bit, we can be Sebadoh again!

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