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January 2, 2008

Happy New Year
A Happy 2008 to all of our faithful nyctaper readers. We had a great 2007, and hope to continue to bring quality live recordings to our readers, and connect our readers with the wonderful artists we feature. This past year we built some solid cooperative relationships with artists, management, and of course the band’s supporters. We hope to continue to foster these positive relationships and encourage performers and readers to contact us.

Upcoming Recordings
We recorded moe. on December 30, but the recording needs more post-production. We also recorded Pierce Turner on December 9, and that recording needs quite a bit of work (removing audience noise). Both of these recordings will ultimately be featured on this site. We also continue to dip into the ‘archives’ and encourage more archive requests from readers. We intend to honor every request for which we have a recording.

Upcoming Events:

John Prine:
January 5, 2008, Carnegie Hall (oops, my ticket “source” ended up being a scam–any help getting a ticket for this sold out show would be appreciated)

Natalie Merchant:
January 8, 2008, Hiro Ballroom, NYC

Marco Benevento & Guests:
January 10, 2008, Sullivan Hall

The Royal Albert Hall Project:
January 12, 2008, Wintergarden, World Financial Center

Kimya Dawson:
January 13, 2008, Southpaw, Brooklyn NY

Fiery Furnaces:
January 17, 2008, Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

Mission of Burma:
January 19, 2008, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

Marco Benevento & Guests:
January 31, 2008, Sullivan Hall

Citizen Cope:
February 16, 2008, BAM Opera House

Magnetic Fields:
February 21, 2008, Town Hall, NYC (Review only, not recorded at band’s request)

The National:
February 22, 2008, BAM Opera House, Brooklyn NY

Bruce Springsteen:
February 28, 2008, Civic Center, Hartford, CT (review only)

Other Upcoming Events
I have a ticket for Springsteen in July at Giants Stadium, and plan on purchasing tickets for the Nassau Coliseum shows this Spring when they become available. I will also be taping an upcoming Black ’47 show, but probably not St. Patrick’s Day. I also have a great ticket for Meredith Monk at Symphony Space on February 15, but I am not sure if we will be recording that show. We continue to receive offers of sponsorship (tickets/guest list) from readers who would like a particular artist recorded. Thank you to those readers.

Feel free to email nyctaper if you’d like to make suggestion, ask a question, enter a complaint, introduce us to new music, encourage us, or even make a donation. We enjoy the interaction with our readers.

On to 2008!

New York Dolls December 29, 2007 – Irving Plaza – Flac Download

December 31, 2007

The New York Dolls reunion is another one of those unlikely-but-true rock stories with a bittersweet happy ending. The band performed two nights at Irving this week, and while Syl Sylvain and David Johansen look fit and sang and played with focus, its hard to watch this band without realizing that its rhythm section and lead guitarist are no longer with us. The Dolls paid a fine tribute to Johnny Thunders when Syl pointed out Johnny’s daughter in the balcony before the dedication of Johnny’s classic “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory” segued neatly into his Dolls composition “Lonely Planet Boy”. David also dedicated “Private World” to the late bassist Arthur Kane. While the “new” band members are unfamiliar, their instrumental backing was superb. All the classics were performed along with some of the numbers from their excellent new release.

The recording was made from the ideal location at this venue, and the sound quality is outstanding. Enjoy!

This recording has been removed from nyctaper. Although we have not been contacted by NY Dolls or their representatives, it was announced on January 17, 2008 that portions of these two nights would appear on a live release (here). Please support NY Dolls and purchase the official version of these outstanding concerts.

New York Dolls
Irving Plaza
New York, NY USA

Digital Master Recording
Recorded from FOB Center
Dead Center 30 Feet from PA

DPA 4021’s > Marantz PMD-660 (Oade BCM) > 16bit 44.1 wav > Soundforge (set fades, level boost, slight eq) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Premiere Download offered at

Recorded and Produced by

[Total Time 1:31:28]
01 Looking For a Kiss
02 Puss ‘N’ Boots
03 We’re All In Love
04 Piece of My Heart
05 Pills
06 Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano
07 Private World
08 I Aint Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
09 Rainbow Store
10 Babylon
11 Plenty of Music
12 Human Being
13 You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory
14 Lonely Planet Boy
15 Who Are the Mystery Girls?
16 Dance Like A Monkey
17 Trash
18 Jet Boy
19 [encore break]
20 Personality Crisis
21 Gotta Get Away From Tommy

CD Cover Artwork (Thanks JohnE!):

txt file

md5 file

If you download this recording PLEASE SUPPORT New York Dolls and visit their website.

Gov’t Mule December 28, 2007 – Beacon Theatre – Flac Download

December 30, 2007

[photo credit]

Friday night was the opening show of Gov’t Mule’s annual New Year’s run at the Beacon — and it was a barn-burner. Warren and company ripped through the usual Mule standards, and added a few inspired covers including Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Beatles, and Buffalo Springfield. The crowd was in a celebratory mood, and good will flowed all around. We were treated royally by security, fellow fans, and ultimately the band.

This recording was made from Row G, about 20 feet directly in front of the right PA stacks. The sound is crystal clear, and has a surprisingly deep soundstage, given our uncentered locale. We are extremely pleased with this recording. Enjoy!

Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

Govt Mule
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY USA

Digital Master Audience Recording

Recorded Front of Board
Right Side, Row G Seat 20
20 Feet in Front of Right PA Speakers

DPA 4021s (7 ft Stand) > Apogee Mini-Me > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > 24bit 48kHz wav files > Soundforge (set fades, balance levels, dither, downsample) > CDWave > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Recorded and Produced by

Set 1
[Total Time 1:14:57]
01 Brighter Days
02 32-20 Blues
03 No Need To Suffer
04 Have Mercy On The Criminal
05 Lively Up Yourself
06 Beautifully Broken*
07 Slackjaw Jezebel
08 He Ain’t Give You None
09 For What Its Worth

Set 2
[Total Time 1:29:08]
01 Child Of The Earth
02 Painted Silver Light
03 She Said, She Said
04 Tomorrow Never Knows
05 Streamline Woman
06 Drums
07 Unring The Bell
08 Bad Little Doggie
09 How Many More Years**
10 [encore break]
11 Long Distance Call
12 30 Days in the Hole

*With “When Doves Cry” verses
**With “Wang Dang Doodle” verses

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Gov’t Mule and visit their website. At their site you can purchase soundboard recordings of their concerts via Mule Tracks.

nyctaper archives – Black ’47 December 28, 1996 – Paddy Reilly’s – Flac Download

December 28, 2007

At a recent Pierce Turner gig, I ran into my old friend Fred Parcells from Black ’47. Fred has compiled an extraordinary history of Irish music (including an enormous Black ’47 archive) at his site (here).

There was a time back in the early 90’s when I saw Black ’47 once or twice every week at the old Paddy’s Reilly’s on Second Avenue and 28th Street (the new Reilly’s is on 29th). The combination of free-flowing Guinness, Irish politics, and rollicking Irish music created a captivating and exuberant experience. Black ’47 still plays regularly now at Connolly’s, and still performs about 100 gigs a year (tour info here).

This soundboard recording captures a typically excellent Saturday night at Paddy Reilly’s, when Black ’47 ruled the roost and played tirelessly. The outstanding soundboard mix was done by Johnny Murphy, Black ’47’s soundman at the time. All the instruments are well-balanced, and the sound is bright, clean and energetic. Enjoy!

Download Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

Black ’47
Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar
New York, New York USA

Master Digital Soundboard Recording
Soundboard > Sony D-7 DAT

DAT Master > Panasonic SV-3800 > digital coaxial > Audigy 2 ZS Platinum > Soundforge > 16 bit 44.1 wav > CD Wave (tracking) > Flac Frontend (level 7,align sector boundaries) > flac

[total time: 1:47:03]
01 Big Fellah
02 Oh Maureen
03 Fire of Freedom
04 Green Suede Shoes
05 Danny Boy
06 Reels
07 Walk All the Days
08 Livin’ in America
09 Funky Céilí
10 40 Shades of Blue
11 Czechoslovakia
12 Rockin’ the Bronx
13 Who Killed Bobby Fuller?
14 Losin’ It
15 Maria’s Wedding
16 Gloria
17 I Fought the Law

If you download this recording PLEASE SUPPORT Black ’47 and visit their website.

nyctaper archives – Sigur Ros February 9, 2006 Theatre at MSG – Flac Download

December 26, 2007

This month Sigur Ros released Heima — the DVD of their 2006 tour of Iceland. This film captured the band’s return to their homeland after a worldwide tour in support of Takk, their brilliant 2006 release. This past October, nyctaper was fortunate to experience the limited acoustic/film screening sets in NYC. The recording is still available for download at (here).

Early in the Takk tour, nyctaper recorded the Sigur Ros set at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden. This was a breathtaking experience, as the music and its setting were perfectly matched, and the band performed flawlessly accompanied by a rare appearance of a complete brass section.

nyctaper recorded with small stealth microphones from a decent seat in the 200’s. This is a fine recording, with only some accompanying chatter between songs. Enjoy!

Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

Sigur Ros
The Theatre at Madison Square Garden
New York, NY USA

Master Audience Recording
Section 204 Row H, Seat 13,
approximately 75 feet directly in front of left PA speaker

Core Sound Cardiods > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > .wav > Soundforge* > CDWave (tracking) > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

recorded and edited by

01 Takk/Glósóli
02 Ný Batterí
03 Saeglopur
04 Gong
05 Andvari
06 Hoppípolla
07 Meo Blódnasir
08 Sé Lest
09 Olsen Olsen
10 Viõrar Vel Til Loftárasa
11 Svo Hljótt
12 Heysátan
13 Starálfur
14 Hafssól
15 Untitled #8 (Popplagið)

CD Artwork is in the FLAC folder.

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Sigur Ros and visit their website

Neil Young December 19, 2007 – United Palace Theatre – Flac Download

December 22, 2007

[photo credit]

This week has been an anniversary of sorts for Neil Young and I. It was 30 years ago — Christmas of 1977 — when I became a Neil Young fan for life. I received the three-l.p. vinyl Decade as a gift, and wore holes through the grooves playing it so often. When Neil toured the following year with a batch of new songs that would later become Rust Never Sleeps, I was at the Nassau Coliseum show:

Neil Young has been a constant through those entire 30 years, through my passing fads of fanship in punk, post-punk, anti-folk, jamband, et. al. When Neil suffered a serious aneurysm in 2005, it looked as if the career of rock’s most diverse and yet consistently excellent performer would either be curtailed or come to an end. Fortunately, the post-aneurysm Neil was as productive as ever, producing Prairie Wind, appearing in Jonathan Demme’s Heart of Gold, and producing an new album (Living With War) and a full tour with old friends CSNY (a recording of the Jones Beach CSNY 2006 concert is in the nyctaper archives).

The current tour, which ended its US leg on Wednesday night at the United Palace Theatre, has been a complete triumph in support of another superb Neil release Chrome Dreams II. Neil has performed the standard Acoustic/Electric set split, with the appearance of some rare chestnuts mixed in with consistent classics, and new numbers. Wednesday’s show featured the tour’s star revival “Out on the Weekend” as the first set closer. Other highlights included “Journey Through the Past”, “Winterlong”, “Cowgirl in the Sand”, and completely shredded 26-minute “No Hidden Path” as the second set closer.

Some readers may have followed my efforts to attend one of these concerts, which ultimately came to a happy ending when I found a cancellation ticket on ticketmaster on the morning of the 19th. My seat was in Row N, slightly left of center, about 10 rows behind the Soundboard and under the overhang. This is not an optimal recording position, and the problems were exacerbated by the low volume of the PA during the acoustic set and a couple of clowns in the audience around me. The final disaster was my batteries running out during the last few notes of No Hidden Path. After a significant amount of post-production (removing idiotic yelling is excruciatingly difficult), and the very generous offer of the balance of the concert from an alternate recorder thanks to “zuma11”, nyctaper is finally pleased to present a really excellent version of this concert. Enjoy!

This recording is no longer available at nyctaper. If you look around the web, you’ll likely find a copy.

Neil Young
United Palace Theatre
New York, NY USA

Digital Master Recording
Recorded from Row N
Left Center, 10 Rows Behind Soundboard

DPA 4021’s > Marantz PMD-660 (Oade BCM) > 16bit 44.1 wav > Soundforge (set fades, level boosts, close clapping and crowd noise edits, slight eq, crossfade patch material) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Premiere Download offered at

Recorded and Produced by

Acoustic Set
[total time 1:04:36]
01 From Hank to Hendrix
02 Ambulance Blues
03 Sad Movies
04 A Man Needs a Maid
05 No One Seems To Know
06 Harvest
07 Try
08 Journey Through the Past
09 Mellow My Mind
10 Love Art Blues
11 Cowgirl In the Sand
12 Out On the Weekend

Electric Set
[total time 1:29:01]
01 Mr. Soul
02 Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
03 Dirty Old Man
04 Spirit Road
05 Bad Fog of Loneliness
06 Winterlong
07 Oh, Lonesome Me
08 The Believer
09 No Hidden Path**
10 [encore break]**
11 Cinnamon Girl**
12 Cortez the Killer**
13 The Sultan**
[**patch material — thanks zuma 11]

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Neil Young and visit his website.

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