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January 26, 2008

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New Policies
The implementation of the email-for-access policy has been an unmitigated success. We are very pleased to receive so many supportive emails and have the opportunity to interact with the many readers who enjoy the recordings. The large number of emails pointed out by one reader comment (here) has not been a burden, and the total number of anonymous downloads has been reduced by between 3000 and 4000 per day.

Two minor points: one reader posted a private link in a public forum, which I would ask that readers do not do. It defeats the purpose. Secondly, we are very pleased when readers return an email link with a compliment about the recording or the performance. We only ask that in order to help the site and reduce the total number of emails, that you post thoughts about the recordings at the site itself.

In terms of the approved-recordings-only policy, while we are somewhat disappointed when nyctaper recordings are not approved (NY Guitar Festival, Magnetic Fields), the new policy has given us a further opportunity to interact with artists (Kimya Dawson, Rings). In the case of Deakin from Animal Collective, we actually were able to forward the recording for assistance in the progress of a new work. Many thanks to those artists who have been so accommodating and helpful.

nyctaper in Relix Magazine
We’ve been readers of Relix Magazine since the late 70’s, and we subscribed for several years in the late 80’s and early 90’s. A new reader pointed out to us that there is a small blurb about one of our recordings in the new issue of Relix. Thanks to Paul for the scan of the magazine page. Read the blurb (here).

Upcoming Events:
Marco Benevento & Guests:
January 31, 2008, Posted Above

The Antlers:
February 8, 2008, Posted Above

Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble:
February 15, 2008, Symphony Space (review, awaiting artist decision on recording approval)

Citizen Cope:
February 16, 2008, BAM Opera House

The National:
February 22, 2008, BAM Opera House, Brooklyn NY

Bruce Springsteen:
February 28, 2008, Civic Center, Hartford, CT (review only)

Explosions in the Sky:
April 8, 2008, Terminal 5

Saul Williams:
April 9, 2008, Irving Plaza

Other Upcoming Events
I have a tickets for Springsteen in March at Nassau Coliseum and July at Giants Stadium, and will review but not record. A Black ’47 recording event will take place within the next few weeks. We continue to receive offers of sponsorship (tickets/guest list) from readers who would like a particular artist recorded. Thank you to those readers.

Feel free to email nyctaper if you’d like to make suggestion, ask a question, enter a complaint, introduce us to new music, encourage us, or even make a donation. We enjoy the interaction with our readers.

Rings January 20, 2008 – Glasslands – Flac Download

January 22, 2008

My first introduction to the music of Rings was at this very concert. The CD release party for their new disc Black Habit featured a performance by the Animal Collective members that brought a large crowd to this small space. Those people who came to see Rings and those wise enough to stay for their set were treated to a performance of truly inspired and original music by this trio of collaborative artists.

Rings were “First Nation” until Nina Mehta and Kate Rosko were joined by Abby Portner (sister of Animal Collective’s Dave Portner aka Avey Tare). The new album was recorded with Kria Brekkan, and certainly there are echoes of Kria influence in the music, along with a patchwork of pop, rock, ambient, and folk. As the recording offered below attests, the result is sublime and compelling music. Enjoy!

Many thanks to Nina and Rings for approval of this recording.

Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

Glasslands Gallery
Brooklyn, NY USA

Digital Audience Master Recording
Recorded from Front of Board
20 Feet from PA

DPA 4021s (7 ft Stand) > Edirol UA-5 (Oade Digimod) > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > 16bit 44.1kHz wav > Soundforge (level adjustments, set fades) > CDWave 1.95 > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries)> flac

Recorded and Produced by

[Total time 35:41]
01 mom dance/animal mourning
02 is he handsome
03 you remind me/teepee
04 scape aside

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Rings, visit their mySpace page, and purchase their CD through the Paw Tracks website.

Rings tour visits the following venues in the next several weeks. See them live!
Jan 31 2008 8:00P Emos Jr. w/White Williams Austin, Texas
Feb 1 2008 8:00P Hailey’s w/ White Williams Denton, Texas
Feb 2 2008 8:00P Walters on Washington w/ White Williams Houston, Texas
Feb 4 2008 8:00P Club Downunder w/ White Williams Tallahassee, Florida
Feb 5 2008 8:00P Drunken Unicorn w/ White Williams Atlanta, Georgia
Feb 6 2008 10:00 Milestone w/ White Williams, Missing Children Charlotte, NC
Feb 7 2008 8:00P Local 506 w/ White Williams and Ecstatic Sunshine Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 8 2008 8:00P Ottobar w/ White Williams and Ecstatic Sunshine Baltimore, MD
Feb 9 2008 8:00P Johnny Brendas w/ White Williams and Ecstatic Sunshine Philly, PA
Feb 10 2008 8:00 Studio B w/ White Williams and Ecstatic Sunshine Brooklyn, NY

Avey Tare, Deakin and Kria Brekkan January 20, 2008 – Glasslands – Flac Download

January 21, 2008

b f,  Image Hosting
In an art and performance space in the still-industrial section of Williamsburg, half of Animal Collective joined by Kria Brekkan performed an as-yet-unnamed piece before an intimate crowd. The official announcement of this gig was within the last week, and the event was a celebration of the new CD release by Rings, a band who features Avey’s sister and whose album was recorded with Kria Brekkan.

Deakin posted about this piece on the Collected Animals forum this morning. The project is a 30 minute piece in four parts featuring Deakin on sampler and guitar, Avey on effects, vocals, and guitar and Kria on accordian and effects. The flac available for download has not been tracked, it remains one piece.

The Rings set was also recorded and will be posted pending artist approval (update: band approved — coming soon)

nyctaper recordings of Animal Collective are still available for download (here) and (here), as well as the recording of Kria Brekkan (here).

This recording is now available to download in FLAC and MP3 at [HERE].

Avey Tare, Deakin & Kria Brekkan
Glasslands Gallery
Brooklyn, NY USA

Digital Audience Master Recording
Recorded from Front of Board
20 Feet from PA

DPA 4021s (7 ft Stand) > Edirol UA-5 (Oade Digimod) > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > 16bit 44.1kHz wav > Soundforge (level adjustments, set fades) > CDWave 1.95 > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries)> flac

Recorded and Produced by

01 Improvisation

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Animal Collective and their side projects. Visit their web page and the Paw Tracks web page and buy their official releases.

Mission of Burma January 19, 2008 – Music Hall – Flac Download

January 20, 2008

[photo credit]

One year ago to the day, we last saw Mission of Burma in New York at Irving Plaza. Our recording of that show is available at (here). It became clear at that show that Mission of Burma was not just another 80’s legend reforming to capture past magic. This is a working band whose recent output is as compelling as its classic material. Last night, the newer material dominated the setlist and powered an ear-shattering blast of sonic post-punk by its virtual inventors.

While the 2007 appearance featured bassist Clint Conley in a prominent role, this 2008 show was certainly Roger Miller’s show. His crunchy guitar playing was further compelled by the placement of his huge Marshall amp at the very front of the stage as a bonus sonic burst. In reality, the amp placement, a plexiglass buffer around the drums, and ear guards are used to protect Roger from further exacerbating his tinnitus. At the end of the standard set, the band returned for four encores, and were again called out for a fifth encore, which featured the tape-loop wizard Bob Weston on bass.

This recording is fortunately free of any distortion that might have occurred as a result of the extreme volume of this concert. I used the -20db pad in the Marantz (as I do for all loud concerts) and the DPA microphones were able to capture without overloading. In a way, the volume contributes to the quality of this recording by eliminating any ambient sounds (chatting, clapping, and other crowd noise) that normally might hamper a recording. We are quite pleased with the quality. Enjoy!

This recording is now available to download in FLAC and MP3 at [HERE].

Mission Of Burma
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY USA

Digital Master Recording
Recorded from Front of Soundboard
Dead Center 30 Feet from PA

DPA 4021’s > Marantz PMD-660 (Oade BCM) > 16bit 44.1 wav > Soundforge (set fades, level boost, slight eq) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Recorded and Produced by

[Total Time 1:24:14]
01 1001 Pleasant Dreams
02 Let Yourself Go
03 2wice
04 Donna Sumeria
05 Buckets Of Flowers, Porno Mags
06 13
07 Man in Decline
08 So Fuck It
09 Forget Yourself
10 Dirt
11 Good Cheer
12 Careening With Conviction
13 Spider’s Web
14 Nancy Reagan’s Head
15 [encore break]
16 Trem Two
17 Max Ernst
18 Academy Fight Song
19 Looking at You
20 [second encore break]
21 Good, Not Great

If you download this recording PLEASE SUPPORT Mission of Burma and visit their website, and purchase their official releases (here) from Mission of Burma directly.

In March, their entire back catalog from Ace of Hearts will be available in re-issue from Matador Records.

Fiery Furnaces January 17, 2008 – Maxwell’s – Flac Download

January 18, 2008

[photo by Robert Loerzel]

In the spirit of the primary season, the Fiery Furnaces are accepting ballots from the fans attending their Winter tour. The songs with the most votes are performed in order at the end of the standard set. At Maxwell’s last night, the ballots were cast and the fans were the winners, as we were treated to rare numbers not performed in years. When I spoke to Matt after the show, he said that he and Eleanor had gone back and re-learned all of the old numbers in anticipation of any request.

So we braved the horrendous weather to see our favorite band at our favorite venue and we were not disappointed. Although it was the first night of the tour, the Furnaces were in fine form and worked flawlessly through a rearranged setlist before counting the ballots. Despite the surprise winners (Eleanor: “I told Matt, no one is going to request that”), the request numbers were performed in their entirety. We even got to hear Matt sing for the first time in a couple of years.

The recording offered here is another first for this site. We mixed our DPA microphones (positioned in the ideal location) with a feed from the soundboard in a “matrix” mix through the Edirol UA-5 which permits four channels of input. We believe that in the past our small club recordings of the Furnaces were perhaps too drum heavy, and the board feed permitted us to correctly mix the vocals and keyboards with the rhythm section. This is the best possible recording of this band, and we are extremely pleased with the results. Many thanks to Matt for his continued permission to record and his support of this site, and of course to Maxwell’s and its talented sound crew. Enjoy!

Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

Fiery Furnaces
Hoboken, NJ USA

Digital Master Recording
Soundboard/Audience Matrix

Soundboard + Front of Board DPA 4021 > Edirol UA-5 (Oade Digimod) > digital coaxial > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > 16bit 44.1kHz wav file > Soundforge (set fades, slight level boost, no EQ) > CD Wave 1.95 > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Recorded and Produced by

[total time 1:12:02]
Democ-rock Set:
01 Navy Nurse
02 Japanese Slippers
03 The Garfield El
04 A Candymaker’s Knife in My Handbag
05 Forty-Eight Twenty-Three Twenty-Second Street
06 Seven Silver Curses
07 Slavin’ Away
08 Duplexes of the Dead
09 Automatic Husband
10 Ex-Guru
11 Blueberry Boat
12 Right By Conquest
13 Mandolin and Maracas
14 Waiting to Know You
15 Philadelphia Grand Jury
16 Clear Signal From Cairo
Roll the Dice Set:
17 Two Fat Feet
18 Chief Inspector Blancheflower
19 Benton Harbor Blues
20 Paw Paw Tree
21 Asthma Attack

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Fiery Furnaces visit their website, and purchase their official releases including their brilliant new album Widow City.

The Fiery Furnaces Winter Tour continues:
1/18 South Burlington, VT / Higher Ground / All Ages / $12
1/19 Portland, ME / Space Gallery / 18+ / $12
1/21 Rochester, NY / The Bug Jar / 18+ / $12
1/22 Buffalo, NY / The Tralf / All Ages / $12
1/23 State College, PA / Lulu’s / All Ages / $12
1/24 Columbus, OH / The Basement / All Ages / $12
1/25 Baltimore, MD / Ottobar / All Ages / $12
1/26 Charlottesville, VA / Satellite Ballroom / All Ages / $15
1/27 Washington, DC / 9:30 Club / All Ages / $15 w/ Super Furry Animals
1/29 Carrboro, NC / Cat’s Cradle / All Ages / $15 w/ Super Furry Animals
1/30 Atlanta, GA / Variety Playhouse / All Ages / $15 w/ Super Furry Animals
1/31 New Orleans, LA / The Republic / 18+ / $15 w/ Super Furry Animals
2/1 Dallas, TX / Granada Theater / All Ages / $15 w/ Super Furry Animals
2/2 Houston, TX / The Proletariat / All Ages / $12
2/4 Memphis, TN / Hi-Tone Cafe / 18+ / $10
2/5 Oxford, MS / Proud Larry’s / 18+ / $10
2/6 Nashville, TN / Exit/In / 18+ / $14
2/7 Birmingham, AL / Bottletree / 18+
2/8 Asheville, NC / Grey Eagle Tavern / $13
2/9 Knoxville, TN / Pilot Light / 18+

Access to Recordings on nyctaper: Change in Policy

January 17, 2008

nyctaper will no longer be offering direct downloads to anonymous people who come to the site, download and leave. From this point forward, all readers who wish to download a concert will need to email with a request for access to the recording. Private link locations will be provided to those readers who seek a particular recording. This will also apply to the recordings currently on the site, as those downloads will be removed from the public server one by one.

Please be aware that download statistics and server access statistics are available to the administrators of this site. If password abuse occurs, then recordings will be removed entirely.

We are abundantly aware of the people who are our faithful and supportive readers. Those people will receive priority.

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