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Dirty Projectors: November 18, 2018 Elsewhere (Early Show)

November 20, 2018

If you ever doubt the reason to see live music, I’d refer you to the experience of watching Dave Longstreth on stage for eighty minutes with Dirty Projectors. There’s a particular joy to watching such complex, intellectual “rock” music brought to life by players of such immense talent, up close enough to see Longstreth’s fingers work the fretboard. If it’s at Elsewhere — a phenomenal-sounding club — and on a rather convenient late Sunday afternoon, all the better.

Among the waves of NYC/Brooklyn rock music in the first decade of this century, the Dirty Projectors always existed at some remove from even their mid-latter-decade contemporaries. Dirty Projectors is an unapologetically smart band, the work of a highly educated musician’s musician. It’s fitting that I last saw this band at Carnegie Hall in early 2013; if any “indie rock” band belongs there, it’s this one.

This set, the first of two the band performed at Elsewhere on Sunday, spanned the band’s five most recent albums (with Rise Above represented by the particularly affecting “Police Story” that led off the show), as well as two nuggets from the band’s Mount Wittenberg Orca collaboration with Björk. Likewise, this set represented a reasonable facsimile of Longstreth’s emotional states during the recent past, with songs like the joyous “I Found It In U” and “I Feel Energy” offset by the political rumination “It’s A Lifestyle” and the wistful “Little Bubble.” Longstreth has described Lamp Lit Prose and Dirty Projectors as a yin and yang album cycle, and that was evident here. But, while Lamp Lit is stylistically closer to the rest of the band’s recent material, there’s been a darkness in many of Longstreth’s songs before Dirty Projectors, and those, like “Gun Has No Trigger,” were well-represented here also.

To call the current band “new” is a bit of a stretch at this point; they’ve been touring this album as a unit for a while now, and it showed in their formidably well-rehearsed state. Give a quick listen to the soaring harmonies on “Cannibal Resource”, Kristin Slipp’s lead vocal on “The Socialites” or the incredible vocal precision on “When the World Comes To An End” (incidentally, the Mount Wittenberg songs strike me as particularly difficult musically) and you’ll be relieved of any concern that this band isn’t every bit the equal of the one that came before it. It wasn’t just because of Longstreth’s talent that I spent a good bit of these 80 minutes on a Sunday afternoon mouthing the word “wow.” It was hard to tell how serious Longstreth was about engaging a call-and-response situation during the final encore (“Right Now” from Lamp Lit Prose) but it soon became clear that even figuring out how to chant “right now” back at a Dirty Projectors song is a little tougher than usual singalong fare (“it loops unevenly…. that’s as well as I’ve figured out how to do it” a sheepish Longstreth said). “Right Now” proved a fitting end, encapsulating the yin and yang of the show in a single, dark but ultimately uplifting song (which Longstreth also identified as the most difficult to play in the set). The only part that wasn’t perfectly dialed in was the crowd singing “right now” — but that was kind of perfect, too.

I recorded this set with a feed of the house mix together with Schoeps MK4V microphones inside the soundboard cage. All credit for the sound of this belongs to the production team, both Dirty Projectors’ touring engineer, Teresa Murray, and the house team at Elsewhere. I hope you’re as impressed with it as I am — enjoy!

Thanks to Domino Records and Dirty Projectors for giving us permission to record the performance, along with the outstanding Elsewhere production crew.

Download the complete show: [MP3/FLAC/Apple Lossless]

Dirty Projectors
2018-11-18 (early show)
Brooklyn, NY USA

Recorded and produced by acidjack for

Soundboard (engineer: Teresa Murray + Tyler (house)) + Schoeps MK4V (FOB, DFC)>KC5>CMC6>>Sound Devices
MixPre6>24/48 polyWAV>Adobe Audition CC (align, mix down, fades, compression)>Izotope Ozone 5 (effects)>Audacity 2.1.0 (track, amplify,
balance)>FLAC ( level 8 )

Tracks [Total Time: 1:20:15]
01 Police Story
02 I Found It In U
03 Break-Thru
04 What Is the Time
05 Cannibal Resource
06 Temecula Sunrise
07 That’s a Lifestyle
08 The Socialites
09 Gun Has No Trigger
10 When the World Comes to an End
11 I Feel Energy
12 Cool Your Heart
13 Useful Chamber
14 [encore break]
15 Beautiful Mother
16 Little Bubble
17 [explanatory banter]
18 Right Now

Dave Longstreth
Matt Baldwin – bass, bass synth
Mike Johnson – drums
Felicia Douglass – vocals, keyboard, electronic percussion
Kristin Slipp – vocals, Wurlitzer, additional keys
Maia Friedman – guitar, vocals

PLEASE SUPPORT Dirty Projectors: web | facebook | buy Lamp Lit Prose

Dirty Projectors: September 11, 2010 Terminal 5 – FLAC / MP3 Downloads + Streaming Song

September 20, 2010

[photo by Johnny]

It’s a tribute to the quality of an artist and its sound engineer, when a band with music and harmonies as intricate as the Dirty Projectors can sound as excellent as they do on this recording.  At Terminal 5 last Saturday, September 11, the Projectors tour in support of the expanded edition of ‘Bitte Orca (due September 27) arrived in NYC.  Even on a night when indie fans had other choices for music, the band’s increasing popularity resulted in a sell-out of this large venue.  The highlights of the set included a superb “Temecula Sunrise” (streaming below), and the beautiful performance of “Two Doves” featuring Angel Deradoorian.

Johnny recorded this set with a four-microphone rig from up in the first balcony at the soundboard.  The AKG’s capture the vocals well, while the DPA’s are excellent for the rich bass presence.  This recording is perhaps the best we’ve ever captured in this venue.  Enjoy!

Special thanks to Dirty Projectors and Domino Records for making this recording possible, and Terminal 5 head of security Mike for his courtesy and cooperation.

Stream “Temecula Sunrise”:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Direct download of the complete show in MP3 [HERE]
Direct download of the complete show in FLAC [HERE]

If either of the links are no longer working, email nyctaper with a request for the download location of the files.

Dirty Projectors
Saturday, September 11, 2010
Terminal 5
New York, NY, USA

Source: AUD > AKG C 414 B-XLS’s + DPA 4021’s > Edirol R-44 (WAV @ 24-bit/48kHz)
Lineage: R-44 > Adobe Audition (mixdown) > Soundforge (levels adjustments, downsample) > CD Wave (tracking) > FLAC Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > FLAC
Recorded by: Johnny Fried Chicken Boy
Produced by: nyctaper and Johnny

[Total time: 1:28:44]
01. Fucked for Life
02. No Intention
03. I Will Truck
04. Knotty Pine
05. No Embrace
06. Beautiful Mother
07. The Bride
08. Police Story [Black Flag]
09. Two Doves
10. Temecula Sunrise
11. As I Went Out One Morning [Bob Dylan]
12. Imagine It
13. Remade Horizon
14. Stillness Is the Move
15. Useful Chamber
16. [encore break]
17. Cannibal Resource
18. Fluorescent Half Dome
19. Rise Above [Black Flag]

If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT The Dirty Projectors, visit their website, visit their MySpace page, and pre-order/purchase ‘Bitte Orca Expanded Edition‘ directly from the Domino Records website [HERE].

Dirty Projectors: November 22, 2009 Bowery – Flac and MP3 Downloads

December 8, 2009

[photo courtesy of Amanda M. Hatfield]

Acidjack reports:
“The Dirty Projectors are the band you’d get if some Ivy League music majors decided to convert their acappella group into a rock band. Or perhaps, they are, almost, the band we *did* get. If you don’t own Bitte Orca, their excellent album from this year, go out and buy it now, before you don’t own the album that will top all of this year’s “best of” lists.

Experiencing this band live, it is even more striking just how *musical* this band is. Quite frankly, I lack the music theory vocabulary to explain what it is they’re doing up there, but the complexity in their compositions – from the vocal harmonies to the song structures – is evident to even the untutored ear. This night, closing out an almost weeklong run in their home town, saw the Projectors in fine form, playing a nearly 90 minute set (including an acoustic set) that closed out with special guest star David Byrne, as well as an appearance by The Roots. Not since Kid A has a band moved rock music this far forward this quickly, and, like Kid A, challenged the most basic notions about what “rock” music is – and could be.

I recorded this set in the center with my new DPA 4021s. Thanks to the combination of the band’s extremely talented sound engineers, the respectful crowd, and the top-flight equipment, the sound is excellent. Enjoy!”

NYCTaper would like to acknowledge and thank David Longstreth and Domino Records for their kind permission to post this recording.

Direct download of MP3 files (HERE)

[edit: some formats are having problems extracting track 08 of the mp3s due to the syntax of the multi-song title. An alternative Track 08 is here]

Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

The Dirty Projectors
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY

An ACIDJACK master recording

Equipment: DPA 4021>Marantz PMD660 (16/44.1)
Position: FOB, center, halfway back
Mastering: WAV>Audacity (tracking, amplify channel, set fades)>FLAC ( level 8 )

01 Imagine It
02 Ascending Melody
03 Cannibal Resource
04 crowd
05 Wittenberg III
06 crowd
07 Fucked For Life
08 Gimme Gimme Gimme>Rise Above>Thirsty and Miserable
09 Two Doves
10 crowd
11 Spray Paint the Walls
12 The Bride
13 Stillness is the Move
14 No Intention (with the Roots)
15 Remade Horizon
16 Useful Chamber
17 encore break
18 Temecula Sunrise
19 crowd
20 Knotty Pine (with David Byrne)

If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT The Dirty Projectors, visit their website, visit their MySpace page, and purchase Bitte Orca directly from the Domino Records website [HERE].

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