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Amy Rigby: May 28, 2015 HiFi Bar – Flac/MP3/Streaming

July 2, 2015

[photo from Amy]

neild reports:

Amy Rigby has been busy musically of late, recording three albums with her husband of seven years, Wreckless Eric, and touring semi-regularly as a duo from their home base in upstate New York. One thing she hasn’t done in a while, though, is play solo shows of her own — which is why when she announced a weekly residency at the HiFi Bar on Avenue A (the old Brownie’s space, still run by former Brownie’s booker Mike Stuto), I immediately canceled my Thursday plans for the month.

The shows did not disappoint in the slightest. HiFi is a cozy space, with a small stage, a pair of booths, and a handful of small tables wedged into what was the Brownie’s stage and standing room area — just about perfect for singer-songwritery performances. And as we were quickly reminded, Rigby is an unbeatable singer-songwriter. Whether on her own with acoustic guitar and organ (week one), accompanied by Wreckless Eric on bass and Jon Graboff on pedal steel (week two), or in full-on rock formation with Eric and drummer Jeremy Grites plus special guests Syd Straw and Lenny Kaye (week three, which I sadly missed), she was by turns poignant and hilarious, drawing on songs from her five solo albums (most famously her 1996 solo debut Diary of a Mod Housewife), rarities from her early days with ’80s bands Last Roundup and The Shams, and a handful of covers and new songs destined for her in-the-works solo album. (You can read her own recap of all four shows on her must-read Diary of Amy Rigby blog; be sure to scroll back to the ones guest-written by The Bag.)

Week four was possibly the most special of all, if only for the special guest: Amy’s daughter Hazel Rigby, who plays bass and sings in the Brooklyn-based indie rock group Outside World. With Hazel on bass and shared vocals, mother and daughter tackled the Last Roundup song “At The Well” (“I was about Hazel’s age when I wrote this”) plus an outstanding cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers’ “Wheels.” A few songs later, following a hilariously botched comedy bit involving a cell phone call from backstage, Wreckless Eric joined in for several songs, including “Genovese Bag,” Amy’s touching love letter to Hazel (“You were Mutt to my Jeff, I was Jack to your Jill”) that is possibly the greatest song ever about the joys and pains of parenting.

If the word “hilarious” comes up a lot in this writeup, it will become apparent why once you’ve heard “Keep It To Yourself,” one of the all-time great post-breakup songs. But this was largely a night for gentler emotions, as marked by the song Rigby chose for the closer (before being called back onstage for one final encore): “Don’t Ever Change,” an achingly sweet but never saccharine ode to the things worth cherishing in life, even if you may not always notice them at the time. Which is a pretty good summary of Amy Rigby’s own three-decade-long music career, for that matter — though on these four nights, she definitely got noticed.

This was recorded with Church Audio CA-14 cardioid mics, powered by Church’s Ugly battery box, to a Sony PCM-M10 recorder. There is a small fraction of a board feed mixed in for fortification of the vocals and also to lessen the enthusiastic crowd response. Thanks to Amy for permission to record, and to HiFi’s Mike Stuto and his soundman whose name I’ve forgotten for their attentive help and for great room sound. You can buy most of Amy Rigby’s records at, and you will not be sorry if you do.

Download the Complete Show [MP3] / [FLAC]

Stream “Summer of My Wasted Youth”:

Amy Rigby
HiFi Bar
New York, NY

Digital Master Recording
Soundboard + Upfront Audience

Soundboard + Church Audio CA-14 cardioid mics > Church Ugly battery box > Sony PCM-M10 > Soundforge (post-production) > CD Wave > TLH > Foobar (tagging and conversion)

Recorded by neild
Produced by nyctaper

[Total Time 1:24:15]
01 Rode Hard
02 Playing Pittsburgh
03 Dark Angel
04 How When Where
05 Summer of My Wasted Youth
06 [Hazel Rigby intro]
07 At The Well
08 Wheels [Flying Burrito Brothers]
09 As Is
10 Keep It To Yourself
11 Down Side of Love
12 Needy Men
13 [phone call gag]
14 Til The Wheels Fall Off
15 Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again
16 [banter – Eric new album]
17 Property Shows
18 Slow Burner
19 Genovese Bag
20 We’re Stronger Than That
21 [encore break]
22 Do You Remember That
23 Don’t Ever Change
24 [second encore break]
25 Beer and Kisses

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Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby: December 1, 2012 Maxwell’s – Flac/MP3/Streaming

January 11, 2013

Amy Eric
[still from this video]

Intrepid reporter and frequent NYCTaper contributor neild was out in Hoboken in December (weren’t we all), and he was fortunate to capture the unique couple of Amy and Eric. He reports:

If you only know Wreckless Eric from his late ’70s Stiff Records hits (“Whole Wide World,” “Reconnez Cherie”) and Amy Rigby from her breakout ’90s singer-songwriter albums (“Diary of a Mod Housewife,” “Middlescence”), man, have you been missing out. The duo have been a couple on- and off-stage for close to eight years now — ever since a chance meeting at a Yo La Tengo Hanukkah show, hilariously related by Amy in her new song “Do You Remember That?” — and recently relocated from a small town in France to an equally small town in the Catskills. Fortunately for their U.S. fans, this has meant a lot more local performances, with a recent tour for their new CD “A Working Museum” culminating in this return to Maxwell’s, a perfect showcase for their country-folk-meets-psychedelic-punk duets and always-riotous stage banter.

A Working Museum is Eric and Amy’s third album together (plus one brilliant 7-inch, “Bobblehead Doll/Teflon Wok,” available from their website), and most of this set is drawn from it, along with a handful of songs from their previous albums plus a few solo favorites. This show also featured the surprise addition of special guest Chris Butler of the Waitresses, who added acoustic guitar and percussion on several songs, including an epic set-penultimate performance of “Whole Wide World.”

I recorded the audience portion from about ten feet back of stage center with Core Sound binaural mics; I’d planned to hook up a separate recorder to the soundboard, but when one of my cables turned out to be bad, heroic Maxwell’s soundguy Carson stepped in and burned a soundboard feed directly to CDR. (There were a couple of SBD dropouts, one at the start of the show and one in the middle of “Whole Wide World,” but these were mostly inaudibly patched with the plain AUD recording.) The result is an excellent matrix of possibly the best of several Eric and Amy shows I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Huge thanks to Carson for his help, and to Amy for signing off on posting this here.

Stream “Whole Wide World”

Download the Complete show [MP3] / [FLAC]

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Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
Hoboken, NJ

Exclusive download hosted at
Recorded and mastered by neil d

Source 1: AUD > CoreSound Binaurals > MM-EBM-1 battery box (with bass roll-off) > Line In > iRiver H320 (Rockboxed) > AIFF > Sound Studio
Source 2: Direct SBD feed > CDR > Toast > AIFF > Sound Studio
Mixed in Sound Studio > AIFF > XAct > FLAC

01 intro
02 Astrovan
03 When I Get Out of Breath
04 Ballad of Easy Rider
05 Another Drive-in Saturday
06 Please Be Nice to Her
07 Til The Wheels Fall Off
08 Duvet Fever
09 Rebel Girl, Rebel Girl
10 The Doubt
11 Days of Jack and Jill
12 Genovese Bag
13 Zero to Minus One
14 Teflon Wok
15 Bobblehead Doll
16 Do You Remember That
17 Whole Wide World
18 Dancing With Joey Ramone

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