Hallelujah the Hills: June 23, 2012 Rock Shop – FLAC and MP3 Downloads + Streaming Songs

July 2, 2012

[Photo by hi and lo]

Among my favorite albums from this spring is Hallelujah the Hills’ most recent release No One Knows What Happens Next and I was delighted to see they were making a stop at Brooklyn’s Rock Shop on their current tour. It’s hard to pinpoint the Hills’ sound, which ranges from easy-going, sophisticated folk to a powerful rock groove. The far reaches of their musicianship has made their recent release one of my favorite albums to listen to, particularly on the walk to work while I prepare for the day ahead, so I was really looking forward to this Saturday night performance at a great Brooklyn venue.

For fifty minutes, the band filled the small stage and played a balanced set of songs between their new album and the 2007 album Collective Psychosis Begone. Leading with their self-titled song, they quickly featured group vocals and revisited this theme on a personal favorite “The Crux of the Cameraman”. Obviously, the talents of band members Brian Rutledge on horns and David Bentley on cello are a highlight and make a delicate song like “Care to Collapse” or “Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire” among the most memorable and recognizable songs, both from the album and live. The band, along with the soothing vocals of singer Ryan Walsh, certainly made the most of the venue’s intimate settings and left me with that same great feeling I get on my morning walk.

I recorded the band using a pair of Schoeps MK 5 Cardioid microphones from the audience and a soundboard feed from the house engineer to wish I’d like to send a special thanks. This was his last night, as mentioned by the band in the recording, and we wish him all the best. Rock Shop has always been a terrific venue for us because it always sounds so good. Enjoy the recording!

Stream “Hallelujah the Hills”

Stream “Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire”

Direct download of MP3 files [HERE] | Direct Download of the FLAC files [HERE]

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Hallelujah the Hills
Rock Shop
Brooklyn, NY, US

Recordist : hi and lo
Source : Soundboard + Schoeps MK5 > Naiant Tinybox V2 > Tascam DR-680 @ 24 bit / 48 kHz
Edit : WaveLab V5.01b (fades/gain/eq/dither/resmpaling)
Encoding : FLAC v1.2.1 (Level 8) with TLH v2.6.0 (Build 168)


01. Hallelujah the Hills
02. Introductory Saints
03. Get Me In a Room
04. Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire
05. Call Off Your Horses
06. Care to Collapse
07. Nightingale Lightning
08. The Crux Of The Camera Man
09. Slow Motion Records Broken at Breakneck Speeds
10. People Breathe Into Other People
11. Wave Backwards to Massachusetts
12. Escape Clause [The Stairs]
13. Amateurs

Running Time: 49:29

Please support Hallelujah the Hills by checking out the band’s Bandcamp page where you can get their latest CD and digital album. You can also check out the band on their Twitter or Facebook.

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