Upcoming nyctaper Recordings

May 14, 2007

nyctaper will be attending the following concerts in the upcoming months:

Roger Waters:
May 24, 2007, Posted Above

Roger Waters:
May 30, 2007, Posted Above

Animal Collective:
June 1, 2007, rained out

June 15, 2007, posted above

June 25, 2007, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

White Stripes:
July 11, 2007, Charlottetown Civic Center, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Sonic Youth:
July 28, 2007, McCarren Pool, Brooklyn NY

Recordings will be posted at this site for each of those concerts that nyctaper attends.

In anticipation of the two Roger Waters events next week, nyctaper will post his Waters recording from 2006 in the next day or two. Check back for the lossless download!

Sugarcubes Reunion: The Experience and the Recording – Lossless Download

May 11, 2007

It was announced in September, and it almost seemed too miraculous to be true. The concert was scheduled on my actual Birthday! But when the travel package was posted on the icelandair website, the concept of flying 2500 miles to Iceland became a reality.

Oh, and what a reality–four days of celebration in a city that loves its nightlife. Reykjavik is perhaps the most fun city in Europe. Sandwiched in the middle was the reunion concert, which as you can tell from this recording, was sublimely magnificent. The band was tight, energetic, motivated, and was having a ball. As were we.

If you were interested in this concert, you’ve undoubtedly seen many youtube clips of varying quality. At some point there was discussion of an official release, but all the members have moved on, and that seems highly unlikely. What nyctaper.com presents is the only complete recording of this concert, and in outstanding audio quality. I was able to record the concert with my best equipment, and the Icelandic audience was attentive and charming.

nyctaper.com presents as its premiere free lossless download recording:

Direct Download of FLAC files [HERE].

The Sugarcubes
Reykjavi­k Iceland
20th Anniversary Reunion Concert

01 Traitor (Icelandic [I])
02 Leash Called Love
03 Deus (I)
04 Water (I)
05 Bee (I)
06 Planet
07 Shoot Him (I)
08 Walkabout
09 Mama
10 Pump (I)
11 Regina (I)
12 A Day Called Zero
13 Ammæli
14 Coldsweat
15 Blue Eyed Pop
16 Motorcrash
17 Delicious Demon
18 Hit
19 F*cking in Rhythm & Sorrow
20 Luftgitar**

**With Johnny Triumph and various band members’ children

As with all artists to be featured on this site, please SUPPORT the ARTIST
and buy their official releases. This concert itself was a benefit to support
the Smekkleysa/Bad Taste Label. Excellent Sugarcubes releases are available at:
Bad Taste Online Shop

Flac Links

May 11, 2007

Flac is the most common form of lossless compression. This form of file compression does not remove from the audio files any data, as do mp3 and other lossy schemes.

Flac has developed into a cross-platform format. Free software downloads are available for all potential uses of flac audio files, including computer listening and CD burning:

To listen to Flac files on your computer, 4 different programs are suggested:
Foobar is an advanced audio player for Windows.
Winamp is another windows based audio player

For Mac users, VLC is a cross-platform multi-media player which supports flac files
Cog is a Mac program (OS-X) with lossless codecs already installed to play flac on a Mac.

Flac files can be burned to audio CD either by direct burning with a flac plug-in, or by
converting to wav and burning to disc.

Nero is a commercial product which supports directly burning to disc with flac plugin. Unfortunately, although Nero is popular product it is prone to frequent crashes, and disc errors.

Roxio is a commercial product that offers a comparable but more stable software than Nero.
Download Roxio Software at Roxio.com

Multiple alternatives to Nero are located here

Flac Frontend is the flagship program for the flac format in the Windows format. It will convert to wav, which can be burned by any pre-installed CD burner.

For Mac users, an excellent compression toolkit is xACT

This Sourceforge page contains many other flac program downloads and very useful information. A visit to the Sourceforge page is very much recommended.

Trader’s Little Helper is a fine all-in-one lossless toolkit for Windows users.

nyctaper introduction

May 11, 2007

nyctaper is the weblog and archival location for a New York live recordist.

This blog is the first of its kind on the web. An actual live recording engineer will discuss the live concerts he records, and offer free downloads of those recordings in “lossless” CD-quality formats. This is not a concert fan’s diary, this is a not a blogger downloading music from other sites and uploading mp3s. This is the real deal. nyctaper records the concerts, and posts the high quality recordings himself.

As this site develops over the next few weeks, all software tools will be linked, instructions for download, listening, archival and cd burning will be provided, and most importantly concert recordings will be posted within days and sometimes hours of the end of the show. Check back for coming attractions.

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nyctaper.com is a live music blog that offers a new paradigm of music distribution on the web. The recordings are offered for free on this site as are the music posts, reviews and links to artist sites. All recordings are posted with artist permission or artists with an existing pro-taping policy.

All recordings and original content posted on this site are @nyctaper.com as live recordings pursuant to 17 U.S.C. Section 106, et. seq. Redistribution of nyctaper recordings without consent of nyctaper.com is strictly prohibited.

nyctaper.com hereby waives all copyright claims to any and all recordings posted on this site to THE PERFORMERS ONLY. If any artist posted on this site requests that recordings be removed, those recordings will be removed forthwith.