Pierce Turner March 16, 2008 Puck Fair – Flac Download

March 18, 2008

[photo credit]

Sunday night at Puck Fair seemed like a reunion of sorts. It was as if every Pierce Turner fan in New York City came out and packed the venue — we think we vaguely recognized every face in the place from some deep Guinness-hazed fifteen to twenty year old memory. The person we most certainly recognized was energized to levels of performance that we had not witnessed in a good long while — Mr. Pierce Turner at his absolute peak.

At the outset, a fan asked Pierce to “fix the buzz” in the sound system. And for two solid hours of performance, Mr. Turner did indeed create his own buzz as he reached into his catalog for both old and new tunes, danced on the bar and tables, stood inside the packed crowd, and generally made a physically uncomfortable tight situation a metaphysical pleasure.

The highlights include Pierce’s rare rendition of the Irish classic “The Foggy Dew” which segued neatly into “Mayhem” from The Sky and The Ground, a rollicking “Musha”, and the chilling “Zero Here”.

Thanks to Pierce’s courtesy, we sat above the crowd positioned on the elevated stage. We directed the right channel microphone towards the string quartet, and the left channel microphone was placed between two speakers and towards the audience. The result is a true stereo recording, with Pierce’s vocals captured both through the PA and directly from his proximity to the microphones, and the string quartet captured through the system and through the natural amplification of the instruments, as we sat only a few feet from the band. This is a truly wonderful listen to a remarkable performance. Enjoy!

This recording is now available for Download in FLAC and MP3 at Archive.org [HERE].

Pierce Turner
Puck Fair
New York, NY USA

Digital Master Recording
Recorded On Stage

DPA 4021’s > Edirol UA-5 (Oade Digimod) > 24bit 48kHz wav > Soundforge (level boost, set fades, resample) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Recorded and Produced by nyctaper

[Total Time 1:56:10]
01 [introduction – fix the buzz]
02 Don’t Want Her to Feel That Way
03 The Foggy Dew > Mayhem
04 Oh Ireland
05 Not a Bad Day for a Wednesday
06 Holy Ground
07 Moonbeam Josephine
08 Say You Don’t Mind
09 You Can Never Know
10 Jazz
11 Dirty Old Town
12 Snakes and Ladders (Ball & Chain)
13 Carrigfergus
14 Manana in Manhattan
15 Wicklow Hills
16 [encore break]
17 Zero Here
18 Band of Gold
19 Musha God Help Her
20 [second encore break]
21 Orange Coloured Sun
22 Mr. Smith

If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Pierce Turner, visit his website, and purchase his releases directly from the online store at his website.

Oakley Hall March 15, 2008 Glasslands – Flac Download

March 16, 2008

[photo by Robert Loerzel]

On a night when it seemed as if the rest of the NYC bloggerati were attending the South By Southwest Festival in Texas, we were fortunate to be in South by Southwest Williamsburg to see one of our new favorite bands play at one of our favorite venues. The combination of Brooklyn’s Oakley Hall performing among friends at Brooklyn’s best venue Glasslands Gallery was a sight to behold — it was as if the best of the borough’s musicians had a private party and we were invited.

Oakley Hall worked through a similar setlist to the Knitting Factory show, but added a Dylan cover and re-worked the list for a better flow. The highlights were many, but the set closing run of Rue the Blues, Volume Rambler, and Having Fun Again (with Derek from Awesome Color guesting on guitar) was fearsome and intense.

This recording was made again with the permission of Pat and Jesse from Oakley Hall. We improved on our mix from the last Glasslands recording, capturing just the right balance of soundboard feed and audience microphones. This recording is also a vast improvement over the previous Oakley Hall recording on nyctaper from the Knitting Factory. We are extremely pleased with the results. Enjoy!

Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

Oakley Hall
Glasslands Gallery
Brooklyn, NY USA

Digital Master Recording
Soundboard/Audience Matrix

Soundboard + Front of Board Neumann KM-150s > Edirol UA-5 (Oade Digimod) > digital coaxial > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > 24bit 48kHz wav file > Soundforge (set fades, downsample) > CD Wave 1.95 > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Recorded and Produced by nyctaper

[total time 1:04:40]
01 If You Can See Them, They Can See You
02 Eyes, Lock and Steel
03 No Dreams
04 All the Way Down
05 She Belongs to Me (Dylan)
06 Hiway
07 Superpower
08 If I Was in El Dorado
09 Confidence Man
10 Rue the Blues
11 Volume Rambler
12 Having Fun Again*

*with Derek Stanton from Awesome Color on guitar

If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Oakley Hall, visit their webpage, and purchase I’ll Follow You directly from the Merge Records website.

Experience Oakley Hall when they tour in the latter half of April:
Fri-Apr 18 Boston TT the Bear’s
Sat-Apr 19 TBA
Sun-Apr 20 Philadelphia Johnny Brenda’s
Mon-Apr 21 Washington DC Rock n Roll Hotel
Tues-Apr 22 Cleveland Grog Shop
Wed-Apr 23 TBA
Thurs-Apr 24 Chicago Empty Bottle
Fri-Apr 25 Pontiac MI Pike Room
Sat-Apr 26 TBA

Pierce Turner at Puck Fair March 16, 2008 – Concert Preview

March 13, 2008

In the interest of full disclosure, Pierce Turner is a long time personal friend. That he also happens to be an immensely talented songwriter, compelling performer, and thoroughly entertaining stage presence is a matter of public record as well as personal opinion. The superlatives flow, and yet traditional “success” in the old music business definition has always eluded him — including the criminally under-appreciated most recent release The Boy to Be With. But as the music business has been turned upside down, the non-traditional performers have thrived. Pierce continues to pack houses in Dublin, Wexford and counties West in the part of the year when he resides in Ireland, and sells out venues like Joe’s Pub during his all-too-infrequent New York time.

This week a rare Pierce Turner experience awaits the music lovers who shed the shackles of St. Patrick’s day cliche, and find the most genuine Irish performer of this generation. Pierce returns to Puck Fair, the locale of his 2000-2001 residency, and performs again with the String Quartet with whom he enraptured Swift’s throughout his 1996-1999 residence. The atmosphere promises to be abuzz and the setlist will contain some old and rare chestnuts. nyctaper will be there with the microphones, a pint of Guinness, and a smile.

When: Sunday March 16, 2008
Time: 6 p.m.
Where: Puck Fair
Address: 298 Lafayette Street (half block below Houston) [map]

PLEASE SUPPORT Pierce Turner and purchase his releases directly from the online store at his website.

nyctaper Anniversary Bash news

March 13, 2008

Save the date!
Sunday May 11, 2008 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The anniversary bash celebrating one year of nyctaper is going to happen! Its all coming together very quickly. We have a venue booked (in NYC of course), and we have two bands committed. We are currently in negotiations with a third (headliner) band. We also have one major blog to photograph and review the event, and perhaps several more.

As soon as the headliner is booked, we will announce all the details.

Bruce Springsteen March 10, 2008 Nassau – Show Review

March 11, 2008

[photo by Beth]

The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum opened in 1972. I first entered this arena in 1973 to witness megastar “Dr. J” Julius Erving carry the New York Nets to the ABA championship. That very same year Bruce Springsteen released his second album The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle. Thirty-Five years later, we returned to Nassau to witness the ageless wonder Springsteen perform an epic song from that very album, “Incident on 57th Street”, as if no time had passed at all. In a show that last over two and half hours, Bruce chose heavily from his 1970’s catalog, and performed highlights including “Because the Night”, “Adam Raised a Cain”, and “Jungleland”, along with a rare “Ramrod” from 1980’s The River.

Although the ill E-Streeter Danny Federici was noticably absent — Bruce hoped for his return later in the tour — the Band was running on all cylinders. Little Stevie was as energetic as ever, but the guitar work and harmonies of Nils Lofgren were particularly strong and notable. One wonders how long this unit can continue to perform at such quality and at such length, but last night time truly stood still as Bruce magically transported us back 35 years.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Uniondale, NY USA

[Total Time 2:32:24]
01 [Introduction]
02 Night
03 Radio Nowhere
04 Lonesome Day
05 Adam Raised a Cain
06 Gypsy Biker
07 Magic
08 Reason to Believe
09 Because the Night
10 She’s the One
11 Livin’ in the Future
12 The Promised Land
13 Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
14 Incident on 57th Street
15 Devil’s Arcade
16 The Rising
17 Last to Die
18 Long Walk Home
19 Badlands
20 [encore break]
22 Girls in Their Summer Clothes
22 Jungleland
23 Born to Run
24 Ramrod
25 Dancing in the Dark
26 American Land
27 [outroduction]

Our readers who seek a recording of this concert can peruse the web.

nyctaper archives – moe. in Baltimore October 30, 1997 – Flac Download

March 10, 2008

Eleven years ago, it was much easier to drop everything and take a four-hour spur of the moment road-trip to see some music. Since we had tickets to see moe. on Halloween in New Jersey, it seemed perfectly reasonable to see their ‘Een Eve show in Baltimore at a smaller and more intimate club. We piled into Eric’s SUV, and soon enough were driving around Fell’s Point looking for Bohager’s.

moe. were particularly strong this night, as their relaxed and festive mood was evident throughout the evening, particularly during the jam segment of the second set from “It” through “Punchline”. The show was also back in the day when moe. permitted soundboard patches, and I fortunately remembered to bring my trusty D-7 DAT on the trip. Steve the soundman provided a very nice mix for this show, and the recording is outstanding. Enjoy!

This recording is now available for download in FLAC and MP3 at Archive.org [HERE].

Baltimore, MD USA

Digital Soundboard Recording

Soundboard > Sony D-7 DAT Master
DAT Master > Panasonic SV-3800 > digital coaxial > Audigy 2 ZS Platinum > CD Wave (capture) > 16 bit 44.1 wav > Soundforge (set fades, level boost) > CD Wave 1.75 (tracking) > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Recorded, extracted and edited by nyctaper

Set 1
[total time 1:17:45]
01 [introduction]
02 32 Things
03 Awesome Gary
04 Bring You Down
05 Akimbo
06 Recreational Chemistry
07 Stranger Than Fiction
08 Plane Crash

Set 2
[total time 1:50:19]
01 Seat Of My Pants
02 Sensory Deprivation Bank
03 Threw It All Away
04 Water
05 It
06 CalifornIA
07 Waiting For The Punchline
08 Brent Black
09 [encore break]
10 Waiting For The Punchline [Reprise]
11 Spine Of A Dog

If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT THIS ARTIST and buy their official releases at their website. The new moe. album Sticks and Stones can be purchased directly from the moe. store here.

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