Marco Benevento April 11, 2008 Sullivan Hall – Flac Download

April 16, 2008

[photo credit]

On Friday night, Marco Benevento led a cross-genre and cross-generational all-star quartet through two hours of thoroughly entrancing jazz improvisation. As downtown art-jazz drummer extraordinaire Bobby Previte provided the stop and start beats and Briggan Krauss squonked and bleated the alto sax, multi-keyboardist Marco and Curtis Fowlkes provided thematic structure and a plethora of melodic flourishes. The result was a breathtaking display of superb jazz excellence.

This recording was made from the exact same location at Marco Benevento’s final night of his January residency at Sullivan Hall. The sound quality is quite excellent, marred only by several points where the quiet music is disturbed by a handful of loud chattering audience members who carried on extensive conversations seemingly oblivious to the jazz brilliance unfolding in front of them. Ultimately each instrument was mixed to perfection, and the recording breathes life into this outstanding performance. Enjoy!

This recording is now available for Download in FLAC and MP3 at [HERE].

Marco Benevento
Sullivan Hall
New York NY USA

Digital Master Recording
Recorded from Upfront Table Area
15 Feet from Left PA Stack

Neumann KM-150’s (AK-50 Hypercardiod Capsules) > Apogee Minime > digital coaxial > M-Audio Microtrack > 24bit 48kHz wav files > Soundforge 8.0 (set fades, slight level boost, resample 16/44) > CD Wave 1.95 > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

Marco Benevento: piano, keyboards, effects
Bobby Previte: Drums
Briggan Krauss: alto sax
Curtis Fowlkes: trombone
[on last track:]
Sam Kininger: sax
Nikki Glaspie: drums

Recorded and Produced

Set 1
[total time 56:53]
01 Improvisation

Set 2
[total time 1:14:54]
01 Improvisation
02 Big Whopper

If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Marco Benevento and visit his website, where you can purchase his new CD Invisible Baby and purchase all of his official releases (here).

nyctaper Upcoming Events

April 14, 2008

[image by songbirdnest]

As we prepare for the Summer festival season, there are still two solid months of indoor concerts, and we have added quite a few to our schedule. There are several dates that are still not certain for recording, and several artists where permission and/or policy has not been confirmed. These unconfirmed dates are indicated with asterisks (**).

Upcoming nyctaper Events:

Colin Meloy:
April 17, 2008, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Tea Leaf Green/Hot Buttered Rum:
April 18, 2008, Highline Ballroom, NYC

April 22, 2008, Gramercy Theatre, NYC
April 23, 2008, Masonic Temple, Brooklyn, NY

Big Dipper:
April 25, 2008, Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY (approved!)

Fiery Furnaces:
April 26, 2008, Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

Was Not Was:
May 1, 2008, Blender Theatre, NYC

Awesome Color:
May 2, 2008, Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn NY (CD Release Party)

British Sea Power:
May 10, 2008, Bowery Ballroom, NYC

nyctaper Anniversary Bash:
May 11, 2008, Piano’s, NYC (Artists TBA)

Chris Difford:
May 13, 2008, Maxwell’s, Hoboken NJ

May 24, 2008, Irving Plaza, NYC

The Raconteurs:**
June 1, 2008, Terminal 5, NYC

The Breeders:**
June 10, 2008, Webster Hall, NYC
Death Cab for Cutie:**
June 10, 2008, McCarren Pool, Brooklyn, NY

Oh! Custer:
June 13, 2008, NY Popfest (venue TBA)

June 13 or 14, 2008, The Kitchen, NYC

(The Oh! Custer performance may take play during another night of the NY Popfest and Oneida performs on June 13 and 14. nyctaper will record both artists on whichever nights apply)

June 15, 2008, Governor’s Island, NYC

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey:
June 20, 2008, Sullivan Hall, NYC

June 26, 2008, McCarren Pool, Brooklyn, NY

Mark Knopfler:
July 23, 2008, Central Park Summerstage, NYC


We continue to receive offers of sponsorship (tickets/guest list) from artists and readers who would enjoy our work. Thank you to those artists and readers.

Feel free to email nyctaper if you’d like to make suggestion, ask a question, enter a complaint, introduce us to new music, encourage us, or even make a donation. We enjoy the interaction with our readers.

The (Unofficial) Taper’s Blog Fraternity

April 14, 2008

Readers often compliment nyctaper in email and comments on the site, and sometimes note that there should be more sites like this one. Well, there are! Here is a list of a our “brethren” — the best taper’s blogs from the web.

Southern Shelter: Atlanta GA
Besides being a super nice guy, Sloan from Southern Shelter also captures excellent recordings. Like nyctaper, Sloan uses Neumann microphones and records a terrific array of bands from a variety of genres. Sloan has been a tremendous help to us in securing permission from bands he has taped in the past, including Pylon and Mission of Burma.

Baltimore Taper: Baltimore MD
Jeff is an indefatigable free promoter of the Baltimore music scene, often recording multiple acts on multiple nights in a week. His site is such an amazingly comprehensive collection of Baltimore music, that he has been featured as a lead story in the local arts newspaper, City Paper.

Bradley’s Almanac: Boston MA
Brad publishes one of the top music blogs on the entire web, and has been recognized as such web-wide, and in a feature in the Boston Globe last year. While Brad is primarily a top flight music blogger, he also records quite a few shows and features them on his site in his archive.

Waves and Wires: San Francisco CA
Dave makes terrific recordings of Bay Area performances by top alternative acts. His recording of Bjork from Shoreline last year is one of the best I heard all tour. After a recent brief hiatus, he returned to form with an excellent British Sea Power recording.

Iamserious: Seattle WA
I believe Brian’s site may be the first actual “taper’s blog”, as it appeared in 2005. While he makes terrific recordings of Pacific Northwest shows, and also authors DVDs (available through bit torrent), the site was fairly inactive for a while last year. Brian seems to be back and recording again, which is great news for his readers.

Sometimes I Tape Stuff: Portland OR
I don’t really know much about this site, nor do I know the owner’s name, but she has recorded some excellent stuff recently including a rare post-tour-cancellation Decemberists show in January and the Shins in December.

BrooklynVibes: Brooklyn NY
This is the coming-soon taper blog of our friend Matt. His site will make NYC the first town with multiple taper blogs and will afford New Yorkers double coverage of the live music scene. Matt and I plan to avoid overlapping our recordings. Like nyctaper, Matt uses top flight equipment, but also offers the added dimension of being an outstanding photographer. We are really looking forward to his offerings.

Did I miss anyone?

Readers Tell Me: Should nyctaper also Offer MP3s?

April 14, 2008

My lossless friends will undoubtedly call me a sell-out, but there are quite a few good reasons to also offer MP3 files of the recordings for readers to download. The mp3 files would be offered as direct downloads on this site in zip files. This would permit the return of limited direct downloads from the main site without stretching the limits of the server. Flac files would still require an email to nyctaper.

The offering of MP3 zip files would also be advantageous for the bands. There are several tracking sites that provide access to blogs that offer mp3s which would give further exposure to the bands. The file format would also permit the less technologically advanced readers to hear the excellent bands we offer. As of this point, the i-pod still does not support flac as Apple stubbornly refuses to permit competition to its own lossless format.

The downside of course is that we expend an enormous amount of energy to capture these performances in the best possible quality. We use top of the line equipment and often master in 24-bit format to increase the sound quality. Offering MP3s, which compress much of the quality of the recording and sound “tinny” and flat compared to the flacs is in a way also a compromise that is not necessarily advantageous to the artists.

I would like to hear feedback from readers on this issue, either in email or by posting here.

Dirty on Purpose April 4, 2008 Mercury Lounge – Flac Download

April 13, 2008

[photo credit]

Dirty on Purpose compose more than just “shoe-gaze” or “indie” music. The straightforward beats combined with intelligent lyrics and frequent off-beat hooks remind the listener of early Yo La Tengo, or the melodic songs of Sonic Youth. Last Friday at Mercury Lounge they performed a short but impressive set that featured several new songs from their digital-only free release Dead Volcanoes.

Unfortunately, the Friday night crowd was maddeningly inattentive, and there was persistent chatter throughout the set — in large part in celebration of the birthdays of a band member (bassist DJ Boudreau) and a band friend. Singer/Guitarist Joseph Jurewicz actually makes mention during the banter on Track 07 below (“over this way people”, “shhh”). This chatter interferes with the quality of this recording, and led in part to the delay in releasing this show on nyctaper. We considered whether this outstanding band deserved to be exposed to our listeners with a recording that is nearly ruined by a rude crowd. However, when we listened again to the recording it became apparent that the louder moments of music do rise above the chatter, and its only the quieter songs and song-segments that suffer. With that caveat in mind, please enjoy this superb band and their excellent set.

Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].

Dirty on Purpose
Mercury Lounge
New York, NY USA

Digital Master Recording
Recorded from Front of Board

Neumann KM-150’s > Monster Cable > Apogee Mini-Me > digital coax > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > 24bit 48kHz wav > Soundforge 8.0 (level adjustments, downsample) > CD Wave 1.75 > Flac Frontend (level 7) > flac

Many thanks to Joe for permission to record.

Recorded and Produced by nyctaper

[Total time 54:37]
01 [banter]
02 These Days Were for Us
03 Audience
04 Light Pollution
05 Hard to Tell You
06 Leaving
07 [banter]
08 Always Looking
09 Marfa Lights
10 The Thing about Getaways
11 Ways to Drown
12 Canned Fumes
13 [banter – happy birthdays]

If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT Dirty on Purpose, visit their website, and purchase the their official releases directly from their site, or the NorthStreet records site.

Marco Benevento at Sullivan Hall – Tonight and Tomorrow (4/11 and 4/12)

April 11, 2008

[photo credit]

It did not take long for the fine pairing of Marco Benevento and Sullivan Hall to hook up again. After his outstanding 5-show residency in January at Sullivan, Marco Benevento returns to the scene of his triumph for two nights this weekend. This time around, his band features the outstanding downtown stalwart, drummer Bobby Previte, Eric Krasno from Soulive, Briggan Krauss from Sex Mob, and Curtis Fowlkes from Jazz Passengers.

If the magic from January returns, the all-star collaboration between Marco and the roster of talent at this weekend’s shows promises to be an extraordinary exhibit of musical imagination and talent. nyctaper will be there both nights to capture the improvisational genuises on display.

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